Is it possible to trade the Sex Potion if you didn't use it?

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

So I just wanted to see what my guy looked like as a girl, and I drank the potion. The game autosaved RIGHT AFTERWARDS so now I'm stuck and I want my guy back. What do I do? Is it possible to trade sex potions? I've heard that people who have done the glitch can have multiple potions... if so, someone who has them should add me and give me one!! GT: syzygysm

#2 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

How do you trade a potion you've already drank?

#3 Posted by Jeust (11488 posts) -

good luck with it!

#4 Edited by k8washere (2 posts) -

I haven't tried this but I would think if you followed someone into the castle and went down there with them, if they didn't want it they could give it to you and then you could drink it before you left. To bad I didn't see this yesterday. I would have given you mine.
#5 Posted by damswedon (3221 posts) -

nope the potion evaporates when you leave the room

#6 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

You sound like a man trapped in woman's body. In fact, I didn't even know this type of potion existed in the game.

#7 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Actually it worked! I managed to find a guy who had a bunch. I'm now a guy again :D And for some reason, I can give away infinite amounts of this potion, so if anyone wants one, my GT is syzygysm. It's some sort of glitch.

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