Knothole Island or See the Future?

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Hey guys,

I was looking at the Fable II DLC and I was planning on only getting one to start off, for those of you who have played both which would you reccomend between the two?

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Well they're both rather short on core story and it kind of depends what you're looking for. The real lasting content in Knothole Island comes by way of a shop where you can trade specific items from around Albion for unique armour, weapons and other items. However See the Future adds the Colosseum in which you get to pit yourself against wave after wave of enemy under a time limit to see how many points you can score. It's very hard for me to recommend one over the other because they're both pretty evenly matched in my mind, it's a bit of a flip-a-coin situation. But if you held a gun to my head and asked me right now I'd probably say See the Future.


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