To any Fable II experts out there, I have a question for you...

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I've been trying to start up my real estate empire in Fable II. To do that, I need cash. Unfortunately, the rent and revenue from already owned businesses only comes incrementally (every 24 hours, I think?). So, I figured, if I use the sleep for seven days option when going to bed, all that cash will have accumulated and it would have been an easy way to speed up the process. Right? Right?! WRONG! For some reason this doesn't happen, and I was curious to know if I'm doing something wrong here, whether it's a design issue or whether it's just an annoying bug. Does anyone have an answer to this question?
P.S. I'm sorry if this has been asked before. If so, a link to the appropriate thread would be good, since I haven't found it myself using the search function.

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the rent accumulates for every 5 minutes you leave your xbox on in any fashion. I stopped playing Fable 2 for a couple of weeks and when I got back I got over 1 million gold. it has nothing to do with the in-game time.

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If you want to cheat, change the date and time on your Xbox to a few day/weeks/years in the future. Log in, collect that money, log out and fix the date.  I don't think they fixed that, and it works to get a ton of money. 
The money is tracked by that time, not the ingame time.  Hence why sleeping 7 days ingame did nothing for ya.

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Pretty sure all you do by sleeping for 7 days is make yourself evil.
Who knows why.

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Thanks for the responses, guys. What a super dumb piece of design.

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