What moral decisions affected you? *Spoilers*

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#1 Posted by Vinchenzo (6463 posts) -

I only had one option in the game that I actually paused to think about. That is when you are sent, by Reaver, into the temple with the seal. There is a girl stuck, and if you hand her the seal it will take away her "life" and thus age her. Or you can hold onto it and age yourself. As a Good person I was torn, but ultimately chose to let her take the aging process so that my chick could retain it.

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I stopped to think about this decision too, I eventually just kept the seal. Another one for me was early in the game on that quest where you have to go marry Alex. I didn't want my hero getting into a commitment yet, but I knew if I rejected her something bad was going to happen. I rejected her anyways (I was going to pure good btw) because I thought my hero could do better haha (I eneded up marrying the hottest whore in albion.

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Yeah, I had to think about that one too. I gave it to her, but her pleading made me take it back. I had a few dilemma's when I was working for the commandant dude too, but I ended up just doing the evil things anyway, I knew I needed to say undercover. And the final decision was tricky too.

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The final decision was a huge one for me, I couldn't decide at all. I ruled out riches, but I really wanted my dog back. I ultimately sacrificed my family for everyone. The looks one I also thought about, because it just doesn't seem so bad. One of us gets old, how is that so evil? But, if it isn't so bad, why don't I just keep the seal? I kept it in the end. 

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Honestly the only real decision for me was the final decision (the previous one stated was tough, but I knew I was going to age myself)...I found it hard to choose between the lives of all those innocent people and the lives of my dog and family. I initially chose love, but then I felt bad and reloaded my game to choose life (or whatever it was called). The loss of XP in that Spire also made those choices a bit tough too.

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