Where is the LE content?

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On the LE content card it says to go to Bloodstone Harbor, but where the hell is Bloodstone?
Anyone get this content yet?

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Well that helped me with the Master Chief armor (thank you for that), but not with the Hall of the Dead Dungeon.

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I should've bought the LIMITED EDITION.

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I got an email from WHSmiths this evening saying my order couldn't be fulfilled. I don''t know whether because it's pre-ordered and therefore can't be sent or if there's a universal problem with a lack of LE games (can't find any on Play, Amazon, GAME or Gamestation)
has anyone had a similar problem?

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Psynapse said:

Yep, just after you are grown up you have to go into a dungeon, right near the end of that (next to where you get your first will power), there is a chest there, where you get your spartan armor etc.

Hope i helped :)

I went back to this after entering in my code and since I had already opened the Chest, I was unable to open it again.
Does this mean I can't use the DLC on this character? Give me a break!
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Bloodstone is a pirate port town you arrive to near the end of the game.

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The entrance to dungeon itself is out in the water. Look for a dive spot.

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