Where's the acorn?

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Peter promised that an acorn would be part of the main story and would grow into an oak tree over the years, a featured that was hyped to be in Fable but never made it. I couldn't care less if it isn't in the game, because Fable II is everything I had hoped for, but if I missed this acorn, can someone clarify?

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By acorn - mr molyneux actually meant 'nose'- his nose to be precise :P

Seriously tho? i have no idea matey - sorry
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The Golden Acorn? The one you plant after the first hero? I never checked back but maybe it did grow, I would assume it did.

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I don't remember planting it...but I do remember the acorn.

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tmontana1004 said:
"I don't remember planting it...but I do remember the acorn."
You never really plant it, but at the funeral its been placed on the grave.

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