Finally decided on a Let's Play - Fable III

#1 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (233 posts) -

I've been testing methods and hemming and hawing over what game I want to start an LP on, as well as asking various friends and fellow Bombers, and finally settled on Fable III after staring blankly at my monitor for an hour.

It's part of my project to play the hundreds of games I have purchased, and own, but never take the time to play. In a way, recording and commenting on them at least provides me with some extra personal incentive to work on my back catalog.

So I present to you, with the highest amount of shame possible, my first part of Fable III as played by the last person ever to record a Fable III LP.

Kindly watch, enjoy, like, and all that YouTube silliness. I'm hoping I can at least get a small audience to enjoy my effort. If not, I at least continue on my tradition of recording video games... Just with significantly less VHS cassettes.

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