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A Broken Game in a Beautiful World 2

It’s been about 50 years since your father (the Hero of Fable II) defeated Lucien and became King of Albion. While the billowing smokestacks of Bowerstone’s industrial district indicate much has changed in the past five decades, many things have also stayed the same; for instance, it’s still acceptable to start a conversation with a stranger by clucking like a chicken or farting in their face. The protagonist of Fable III is the youngest son of the former king, who at the beginning of th...

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Fable III Review 0

By -- Richard JacklinDecisions, decisions, decisions. Fable III is game that is completely built around decision making. Although this is the first Fable game I have played, I've come to understand that the entire series is focused on decision making. My first decision with Fable III was whether or not I wanted to start the series with the third game, but I can tell you that doing so was a good decision for me. Fable III is a light-hearted, but intense action RPG that takes you by the hand and n...

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So you say you want a REVOLUTION? Well you know... 0

...everyone wants to change the world. If Beatles lyrics don't grab your attention I don't know what will. Pogs...are kids still into Pogs to go with their Pac ma men stuff?Lionhead Studios has done it AGAIN!!!! I actually mean that sarcastically and quite literally. Lionhead Studios has done it again…basically made the same game as Fable II. For some people this won't be a problem if you really loved Fable II. I liked Fable II quite a bit, it was entertaining. There are some changes from Fable ...

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Give your menu screen a hug 2

I feel like every time I’ve talked to someone I know about my experience playing Fable 3, the net result is the receiver of my discussion being turned off on Fable 3. This might be because it’s hard to translate “Stephen Fry is hilarious in his vocal performance as a crooked industrialist” to someone who doesn’t know who Stephen Fry is, or how to spell industrialist. It could also be because, well, explaining how the pause system works is an instant turn-off for anyone that can comprehend...

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Good Intentions, Bad Execution 0

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.                 Fable 3 is a game that starts off well enough. It has been 50 years since the second game in the series and Albion is in the midst of an industrial revolution. Their cities have grown and so has the slums. The class divisions are greater than ever and the people are fed up with the current ruler. With this revolution has come a technological one as well. Weaponry has been greatly improved and a fantastic steam punk aesthet...

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"This is (unfortunately) my Albion" 0

 I'll make no bones about it.  Fable III is my favorite game of the Fable franchise.  I'll also make no bones about the fact that I was absolutely underwhelmed when I played the first Fable, and thought of the second game as a much better, if not equally underwhelming experience.  Fable III I feel finally nails what the series has been trying to do since the beginning, pulling the player into a timeless land where they actually feel as though their actions effect the world they live in wh...

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The King and I 0

 For fans of the series a return to Albion has always been cause for celebration,  the world itself has been crafted and remoulded throughout the series making it as big a star as the games Protagonist. The third instalment of this swords and sorcery tale rejoins the world during what is essentially Albions industrial revolution which sees Albion under the iron fist of a ruthless king who has corrupted the land and its people, Children have been forced in to slavery and its people beg in the str...

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This is a hard game to say good things about. 0

Fable 3 is one of those games that is far too easy to spend long periods of time talking about every little thing that is so very very wrong with it.  Partially, it's because there simply are so many things wrong with it, but mainly it's because the things that are bad are so excruciatingly obvious.  Before I start down that road, I would like to say that Fable 3 continues many of the things that made Fable 2 a pretty good game - the world is charming and silly in a British sort of way, the comb...

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It's more Fable, which is fine by me. 0

So Fable 3 casts you as the Prince of Albion, brother of a tyrannical King.Early on he crosses a line or two and you along with your mentor Walter decide to hightail it out of there and get a revolution started.This involves a lot of hacking Hobbes, bashing Balverines and terrorizing townspeople.Okay maybe not so much terrorizing townspeople, but it's fun to do regardless.The simple but still satisfying one button combat from Fable 2 makes a return.You have a button for melee, one for guns a...

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The weakest Fable yet is still worth playing. 2

 Fable III is really good, but it has a lot of little problems and some strange design choices. It's like every area that has a significant improvement, another has a moderate inconvenience. I have quite a bit to say about it all.For starters, the presentation is amazing. The visuals are beautiful and voice acting is excellent. The main character actually talks (from time to time) now and it's noticeably more cinematic than past Fable titles. I really enjoy the cast of characters and you don't f...

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2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back 0

The qualities of the Fable III series and how it has to be reviewed largely depends upon the type of player wanting to play this game. The Fable series on the whole has always been known as a game series focused on the story elements and not so much the game elements. While Fable I and II were mostly the same game, Fable II did take the mechanics and really perfect them to a nice balance. It was at that point  the gameplay did seem to become a bit stale though and I can see how Lionhead Studios ...

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Fable III is just too simple 0

Hack Slash Repeat.  Never much of a puzzle and the story is only so so.  I do appreciate the humor in the game.  I mean, the loading icon is a chicken!  Some of the characters are funny and the graphics are okay (really bad lighting in some places).  The worst part is that in an effort to streamline the game they made it feel a bit... empty.  I want my RPG segments back, dammit.  The "hype" behind the game is pretty interesting considering the interactive bits are so binary.  The whole deal with...

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It's a Revolution 0

It's extremely interesting to see how Fable has changed over the years. The first Fable game released on the original X-Box was mainly an RPG. When Fable 2 was released, it went more towards an action adventure style game, and it has done the same with Fable 3. Before the release of Fable III, I was worried. I hadn't actually heard much about the game and i knew there was an embargo until the day of release. Luckily, i purchased the game at a midnight launch event and was not turned off by the r...

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The Epic that Wasn't 0

There are so many delightful moments in Fable 3 that it almost makes you want to forgive its fuckups. Unfortunately clever writing, and charming voice acting only go so far when the gameplay is monotonous.   Journey to the glorious land of Albion! Experience the wonderous caves, sewers, tunnels, catacombs, and assorted other cramped spaces. And then just when you think to yourself, "they're can't possible be anymore tunnels..." you get to RE-EXPERIENCE the same tunnels for a second, third, or ev...

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Fun but Flawed 0

Like many others who have switched on Lionheads newest entry into the Fable series i am somewhat baffled.  The graphics have greatly improved, as has the voice acting but the whole "hudless" display with no clear option menu causes more problems than it solves.  You start the game off to some wonderfull FMV featuring a rather unfortunate Chicken before we are finally introduced to our playable and now fully voiced character.  The game teaches you the basics in how to hold someones hand and pull ...

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Decisions Decisions Decisions 0

Fable 3 did not finish as good as it started.   I have always enjoyed the Fable franchise, and I though the second one was leaps and bounds better then the first one.   With the completion of the third game I felt like I didn’t know what Fable was trying to do.   I do not want to go into great detail about the last quarter of the game but it did leave a bad lasting impression. In your return to Albion you play as the son or daughter from the character of Fable 2.   You discover that the current...

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A dissapointment of epic proportions 0

I had high hopes for this game, I really did.  It is a true Fable game with all the same characteristics that made the previous two stand out so well.  Unfortunately, Lionhead decided to make some really bizarre changes to the functionality of the game that I still cant quite comprehend.  All the Fable staples are there as usual: The character interaction, the simplistic but still fun combat, great character designs, as well as a dash of touching humor.  Lionhead really does have the abbility to...

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Not so much a Fable anymore, at least it has sexy jawas in it. 1

When I first played Fable way back on the original xbox I thought it was one of the best games I'd ever played. It was light hearted, funny and had addictive combat which was based around RPG principles. Then Fable 2 came out and it was good but I still think it was a step in the wrong direction. The one button combat system for shooting, magic and melee was fun for a while but it gets old. They also really dummed down the RPG elements by taking out armour ratings and removing many of the skills...

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Fable 3 review 0

                                                                                       Fable 3 Review       With the last two games in the Fable franchise promising far more then they could hope to keep, can their newest title be the shinning beacon in an already crumbling Albion.      You are the prince or princess of the Kingdom of Albion, with your older brother right off the bat showing off how much of a tyrannical ruler his is you set off to start a rebellion with the people of Albion...

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Enjoyed the Hell Out of It 0

Fable III has been a much anticipated game since its announcement last year. This game has a lot to live up to as its pre-sequels have been voted into the range of best games in history, across the Xbox and PC platforms. When you play the game for the first time, you instantly jump into a very genius and well made cinematic that almost feels as if you are watching a movie thanks to the intense camera angles and well suited voice over’s. The cinematic is surprisingly funny, with a...

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What can I say? It's a Molyneux game 0

 What other figurehead in gaming other than Bobby Kotick can get so much criticism and badmouthing as Peter Molyneux (well except for that guy who sues anybody who uses the word "Edge" but he doesn't count). A man known for making huge promises or just confident claims regarding the games he makes and the features that are in them, or not in them. This makes the "Fable" series a lightning rod for detractors since not everything mentioned the games will include are actually in the game. Is it jus...

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Just completed it... 0

 I just finished it  -- at least, I saw the credits screen. I can always go back.  Here are some thoughts:I did a lot more eating and potion buying in Fable 2. In fact, I never ate a single thing or bought a single potion in this game. It lacks the incentive to do so.My characters appearance barely transformed at all throughout this game, while in the last game I became an obese demon-looking creature (I played a good guy in Fable 3)I lacked incentive to learn new expressions, and my expressions...

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Great Game :) 1

I ended up loving this game. A week before it came out it was not even on my radar. My friend talked me into it and now I am hooked. The combat is fun and the story is good (not the best story I have ever been through). I love all the little things about this game, like buy property, earning money, and the whole lot of side quest. If you have like the 1st and 2nd Fable you will enjoy this one. ...

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3rd Times The Charm? 0

Sadly no just like it's previous installments it fails to deliver again with a another one time play forgettable bitter experience of what could of been  Limited world lackadaisical quest poor story telling and overall just to short for a role playing game it does help there is no reply value to be had here  Sure I could go on about the great graphics and decent combat system  but given that we have been fortunate in the last half decade to have a lot of great games  you have to now approach a g...

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Blood from Michael's mouth 0

Reviewer- Michael Kain Editor- GrindedStone   As the game progressed, I found myself growing weary of many things. ZOMG! The relationships system was severely flawed. It could have just been the video game grind making you work SNAFU! What a drag it can be in Fable III sometimes. It was different from Fable Two in that instead of using just the A button, you use A, X, and Y. Yeah... Other than that, it was still repetitive, annoying, and pretty much pointless. Dance with someone 3 minutes, traip...

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Still addictive 0

I, like most Fable fans, couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Fable III.  Right off the bat you have to make a serious moral decision.  I love the fact you have to build up forces to start a rebellion against your asshole king of a brother.  Where the game falls down is some buggy issues like the fast travel.  You select a quest and then say yes to fast travel to the closest spot for the quest.  Now if you have been to the area then it should put your real close to the quest, however more of...

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Fable III will impress, despite the baffling design choices. 0

I spent alot of time trying to decide whether or not it's a good or bad thing that my biggest complaints about Fable III were almost entirely technical in origin. After completing my play-through of Fable III, I found myself having enjoyed what I considered to be the most refined and laudable story experience that the Fable series on the whole has given me yet, while feeling the game's confusing interface design decisions were holding back a series that is already known for it's "good, but not g...

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Broken but pretty 0

Fable 3. I really dont know where to start from the poor hack n slash mechanics, to a boring story and poorly voiced characters Fable 3 dissapoints on all fronts, but that doesnt mean its not better than most of the shit that came out this year, namely any thing with call and or duty stamped on it. Theres always been a special place in my heart for the Fable series, I loved and still love the first game and the second was pretty good too, but its been ages since Fable One came out and I expected...

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Good Karma - Fable 3 0

Good news, fans of Fable and Fable 2! Fable 3 brings more of the humor and story you know and love. Your hero from Fable 2 becomes king and now your hero is trying to begin a revolution to overthrow Logan, your older brother. I personally miss the headshots of Fable 2 but they have introduced special finishing moves that more than make up for it. One finds your character jumping onto a enemies neck and breaking it with my legs. An important thing now is guild seals, which pretty much replaces ex...

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Feels Like a Mediocre Budget Game 0

 Fable 3's combat gameplay is the best thing it has going for it. The combat flows easily and fluidly between melee, guns, and magic attacks. The weapon flourishes that can be done to finish off enemies are some of the game's strongest animations. The combat feels like a solid hack and slash, although the magic, even after being fully upgraded, still feels underpowered. The weapons themselves get upgraded depending on what you do with them (kill 300 hollowmen, kill 150 enemies with fl...

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Simplicity Gets in the Way of a Damn Fun Time 0

We all know that Fabe has been using the hype machine for years now, and usually failing to deliver. My reason for purchasing this latest installment was: "Why not?". After Fable II I honestly did not think they could dumb down the RPG genre any more. But they somehow managed it. Seriously, what RPG only makes use of half of the buttons on the 360 controller? This game could have alternatively been called: Fantasy RPGs for Toddlers. My goddamn speak-n-spell when I was a kid was about a dozen tim...

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Trouble in the land of Albion 0

I really wanted to like Fable 3, I really did. As much as I liked Fable 1 and even liked alot of Fable 2, I couldn't bring myself to bring up the same amount of liking towards this game for a couple of reasons.  But I should say that not everything about this game put me off:  First of all I should say the writing and voice-acting along with the music are excellent. The dialogue is funny, the writing is good and it all sounds very authentic. And who doesn't like John Cleese voicing their butler!...

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Fable in girly wrapping 0

Being a newbie and a girl, I quite enjoyed the updated gameplay in Fable III versus Fable II with its tendency to lean more towards a game of progression rather than a game of emergence. It is one of my favorite games ever, though I am sure most of my fellow guy gamers tend to disagree :)...

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Fable III: neither bad nor great 0

--- This is a a flash review that I originally wrote as comment so there will be no differentiated scores nor average total ---I think Fable II was really good and it left me looking forward to this one.Now I'm not really looking forward to the next one because of Fable III's shortcomings:- it's short- the fighting mechanics have devolved because they force to switch between weapon and magic mode [with mouse andkeyboard], which is terrible as it wastes reaction-time, it's cumbersome and magic sh...

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Diminishing returns in Albion 0

The Fable series is one of the more curious products in modern gaming. Hyped to the nth degree when the first iteration came out, on the old XBox, Fable was, nonetheless, an enjoyable, slightly daft and entertaining RPG. It was irreverent towards genre tropes in such a way that you couldn't help laughing alongside the game's designers and while the mechanics were fairly simple they were still rewarding and kept you playing for many hours at a stretch. Fable II, on the 360, was a game quite clea...

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autoplay 0

Is it just me, but are games getting to the point of sitting back and watching them play, more than actually playing them? I can respect the gorgeous visuals, the customization of characters, and the overall setting, but come on now. You can literally beat this game pushing one button. The combat is super easy, and gets very boring. There are rarely any battles involving bosses, and I literally beat this game in 5 hours by skipping all the tedious side quests. I loved Fable 2, and enjoyed this o...

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The Hits and Misses: Fable III 0

Like its predecessors, Fable III is an overly ambitious game that bites off a bit more than it can chew. Regardless, if you can look past its (plentiful) issues, you'll find a lot to love here. THE HITS The beautiful people...: The most immediate change from Fable II is the look of the game. The Albion of Fable II was a wonderful world filled with bulky characters, made even worse by a wildly erratic animation system that dropped frames based on how distant an object or individual was from the...

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Fable 3:Awesome 0

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now!    SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now!  SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now!  SO good buy it now!  SO good buy it now!  SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now!   SO good buy it now!     SO good buy it now!           SO good buy it now! SO good buy it now!   SO good buy it now! SO good b...

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Fable III Review 0

Another entry into the choose the evil or good side of saving a world torn by strife. You will once again be carrying the mantle of hero, and it will be your job to protect Albion from all that plagues it. You will once again have your trusty dog at your side to help you along the way, as well as a variety of weapons (melee, ranged, and magic). Come explore all of the realm around you, and help the good people with their quests.Graphically this game looks the best to date, the issue though is th...

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Start the Rebellion to Rule over Albion in Fable III. 0

Fable III follows in the footsteps of the previous games by allowing to you play as a male or female hero, but this time you are Royalty to the world. As prince or princess, you have lived alongside your brother Logan, the ruthless ruler who does not tolerate anything getting in his way when it comes to the decisions he is making, and the people that do suffer greatly for it. Now old enough to make a difference, will you stand up to him and rally the people, or will you lie your way to the kingd...

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Lionhead's third effort is ultimately the most disappointing. 0

Lionhead Studios had the right idea for their 2008 game, Fable II. It successfully transitioned through a generation shift with significantly improved combat, a more robust campaign, and a great attention to detail. But unfortunately the same thing can’t be said about Lionhead’s third attempt at the series. It still possesses the same absurd, dry British humor, primarily the same gameplay design, and generally the same look. But it’s the little things that Fable III does poorly, and when these a...

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