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Still addictive

I, like most Fable fans, couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Fable III.  Right off the bat you have to make a serious moral decision.  I love the fact you have to build up forces to start a rebellion against your asshole king of a brother.  Where the game falls down is some buggy issues like the fast travel.  You select a quest and then say yes to fast travel to the closest spot for the quest.  Now if you have been to the area then it should put your real close to the quest, however more often than not I am finding myself at the furthest entry point for that area.  The only other complaint I have is some of the quests make you wonder, "Do I really want to be doing this?  This quest seems particularly mundane and pointless."  Such as finding and bringing back chickens in a chicken suit then having to make a moral decision about the chickens.  Seriously.  I know and love the absurd aspects of the game, but your a friggin prince who is a friggin HERO, so it seems to not flow with the feel of the character.  That being said, I will play through the game at least twice I am sure, as a good guy and as a bad guy.  I was up until the wee hours playing and I can't say that about any game I've had recently.  Fable fans will like the game, and I'll be playing it today and tonight for sure.

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