sheeeeeeep's Fable III (Xbox 360) review

Fable III is just too simple

Hack Slash Repeat.  Never much of a puzzle and the story is only so so.  I do appreciate the humor in the game.  I mean, the loading icon is a chicken!  Some of the characters are funny and the graphics are okay (really bad lighting in some places).  The worst part is that in an effort to streamline the game they made it feel a bit... empty.  I want my RPG segments back, dammit.  The "hype" behind the game is pretty interesting considering the interactive bits are so binary.  The whole deal with making friends and the like is really time consuming and not much fun.  Just minutes upon minutes of holding down A while a line slowly fills at the bottom.  Then they want you to do a quest which takes 15 seconds of game type but a minute of loading time.  The worst part is that this game basically sits on top of Fable II but feels like it has less features.  
The ending is pretty anticlimactic and several quests in the game involve collecting dozens of hidden items across the world.  

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