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Enjoyed the Hell Out of It

Fable III has been a much anticipated game since its announcement last year. This game has a lot to live up to as its pre-sequels have been voted into the range of best games in history, across the Xbox and PC platforms.

When you play the game for the first time, you instantly jump into a very genius and well made cinematic that almost feels as if you are watching a movie thanks to the intense camera angles and well suited voice over’s. The cinematic is surprisingly funny, with a serious kind of humour and already you can tell that there is a very deep story that is about to unfold, over the time spent playing this prestigious game.
John Cleese of Monty Python fame voices your butler

The creators of the Fable series, Lionhead, explained in one of their very first press releases that they wanted you to jump straight into the intensity of the story line as soon as your character pops up onto the screen. They delivered this as at the start, you are made to decide the plot of your future fate by having the power to control a life or death situation. Maybe even both, if you feel like it. Each choice that appears in the game (trust me when I say, there are millions of choices) leads to one end or another, either toward the path of good, or the path of evil. Whatever side you choose decides how the common civilians, heroes and even the evil bandits interact towards you.

Graphically the game is pretty superior even though that the tradition of Fable games is to make it look as Fairy Tale-ish and as cartoony as possible. The landscape develops and runs into flowing lands of scenery and is very detailed to the point where you can see ants crawling around on the ground and snow caps on distant mountains. Even though like most new graphically demanding games, there are a few here and there glitches, nothing major, just a few small flaws. The sound that is presented in this game is as equally as brilliant as the graphics, the voices are sharp and crisp and the music/ battle sounds are absolutely spot on. The only thing I could really criticize about the sound is the small delay with the characters mouths and the time the sound actually comes through the speakers. This however does not interrupt the intensity of the game play at all.
It is a pretty game
Now on to the more criticising details of Fable III. The controls of this game are very straight forward and easy to learn, however, the combat system that the controls almost solely focus around are just another button mashing, flashing of fingers. All you do in combat situations is tap X, Y and B repetitively and very, very fast.

I could continue for hours writing about every single aspect of this game as there are countless possibilities the can behold the hero of this game. But as this is just a quick ‘first look’ at Fable III I will sum it up here.


-           Choices that decide outcome of game.
-           Massive amount of customizable equipment and appearance
-           Relationships with people start a family etc.
-           Buy houses and take up trades, like blacksmithing and musician
-           Epic and intense storyline
-           Humorous game play and event that be fold
-           Amazing cinematic
-           Huge and action packed battles
-           Game is very funny at some points, heaps of ROFL moments


-           Button mashing controls
-           Kind of dropped BACK storyline from Fable II
-           Slow Motion kills could be a bit more epic
-           Random Glitches and bugs
-           Relationship dates never seem to end well
-           Hero has no name

All in all I likedFable III. This is a game any Xbox 360 owner should pick up and have a go at. It is easy to play and contains content for anyone.
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