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Blood from Michael's mouth

Reviewer- Michael Kain 
Editor- GrindedStone 

As the game progressed, I found myself growing weary of many things. ZOMG! The relationships system was severely flawed. It could have just been the video game grind making you work SNAFU! What a drag it can be in Fable III sometimes. It was different from Fable Two in that instead of using just the A button, you use A, X, and Y. Yeah... Other than that, it was still repetitive, annoying, and pretty much pointless. Dance with someone 3 minutes, traipse halfway across the continent, dig up a key the dog found, tramp about back halfway across the continent, dance for another 3 min, hunt down a gift that is only found in some dank dungeon you already explored. 

Another gameplay mechanic I disliked was that of the spell gauntlets- It was innovative, and new, but in retrospect, was the spell system from Fable 2 so bad? In my opinion, it was superior- sure, you couldn't mix spells, but at least you didn't have to go to the pause menu, and then to the armory in the pause menu to change spells. Really, though, there wasn't much for me to harp on other than that. Besides them forcing a FAT ARSE BUICK right up my ass instead of the normal pause menu one would get. I tink theh didn't want to mentionz on the box the pause menu was actually a house you walk around in to find shit, I didn't want to mention it either. 

When our old pal Peter Microsofteaux told us we'd be Rulers of Albion, He didn't mean in the cool way. The powerful rulers from His stories sounded like CONANZ teh barbeariahn tha grah rulez with an IRON FISTAGE! EPICAGE! Well, He meant you get to be president in the I'm a grown up now an I have to get a job suckNage way. Honestly, I expected more power, more new abilities, or at least some damn bodyguards. Instead,I was deciding whether or not to drain lakes, and then running around killing balverines to get a statue so that someone could give me gold. Really, I felt like I was running more errands than I was before I was trying to liberate the entire country. 

It doesn't help that you get a sense of foreboding from the confrontation with your brother- He basically says; "I couldn't handle all this bullshit, bro(sis). You're obviously more capable than me, seeing as, you know, you just blew the crap out of your own capitol city and stuff. Here take the crown." Then, just as you're feeling triumphant, you realize what he just said. You can almost see the thought bubble over Logan's head as he thinks "Sucker!!! Good luck, foo'!". But, I Digress. Despite a handful of major flaws, and a few minor flaws that may have just been failings on my own part, Fable Three was a pretty good game.


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