E3 2011: Fable: The Journey

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This is gonna be bad.

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Edit: Damn, so close... Don't really care for this one.

#4 Posted by Rutger_Strahd (40 posts) -

Not sure about this one.

#5 Posted by JakeTaylor (308 posts) -

muh balls

#6 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

Ah, Fable, back again. This must tickle Molyneux's balls something awesome.

#7 Posted by Rothael (17 posts) -

So the smoke monster from lost lives on Albion now?

#8 Edited by Galiant (2216 posts) -

ON RAILS! Every Kinect game is devolving into shooters on rails...and EVERYTHING is Kinect! It's just plain bad!

#9 Posted by GodsMistakeXx (136 posts) -

I wish they would go back to Fable 2 and improve from there. And by improve I don't mean streamline to hell and back. Cough (fable 3)

#10 Posted by tplarkin7 (39 posts) -

It's a real shame that Microsoft is investing in novelty games. The attempt at innovation is admirable, but it doesn't appear to be working well, yet.

#11 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

This is the Hardcore Kinect Game Pachter was talking about!

#12 Posted by alexstone108 (14 posts) -

This is heinous.

And ABC/Disney has a lawsuit.

#13 Posted by liako21 (555 posts) -

im sorry but i dont believe anything Molyneux says any more.

#14 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -

100 times more immersive people.

That's what Peter promised.

#15 Posted by mak_wikus (644 posts) -

Anyone else getting only left-channel audio?

#16 Posted by thedevilbat (49 posts) -

So the combat will suck even more?

#17 Edited by tangmcgame (83 posts) -
@liako21 said:

im sorry but i dont believe anything Molyneux says any more.

Pretty much the reason I won't even download the demo of Fable III, much less buy it.  It's also how I figured Kinect software was going to be pretty worthless.  When you see the speaker is Peter Molyneaux that's a giant red flag that you're listening to a steaming pile of bullshit.
#18 Posted by Slaneesh (870 posts) -

lol because kinect and the last fable is so great, lets combine them how can that be bad?

#19 Posted by floodiastus (1288 posts) -

Fable now in mono!

#20 Posted by RVonE (4796 posts) -

"All that matters now is the Journey."

#21 Posted by Calculating_Infinity (66 posts) -

Only thing that can safe this is a mini game playing with Molyneux balls

#22 Posted by Ravenousrattler (1420 posts) -

ahhhhh.....the darkness is coming,and only the kinect can defeat it, ahhhhhhhh....... we are doomed.

#23 Posted by ch3burashka (5607 posts) -

On rails woo hoo!

#24 Posted by maxB (336 posts) -

Between this and Ryse I guess Pachter was right about devs pushing "hardcore" game to the kinect.

#25 Posted by WrathOfBanja (370 posts) -

Albion's end is coming. There can be no turning back. Peter Molyneux saw to that when he drove Fable into the ground.

#26 Posted by Soap (3748 posts) -

This looks like shit, fitting then after Fable 3 :D

#27 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

A cliche in every sentence.

I'm impressed.

#28 Edited by nihilisticmonkey (99 posts) -

Fuck everything about this...

@Galiant said:

ON RAILS! Every Kinect game is devolving into shooters on rails...and EVERYTHING is Kinect! It's just plain bad!

Molyneux was interviewed on GameTrailers... stated it's NOT on rails...It's as (And I quote) "As open world as being on a road"...

Roads are kinda like rails yeh...?

#29 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

God damn it Peter. You got SO close to one of your fantasies with Fable 2 and then you just had to drive it right back into the ground, didn't you?

#30 Posted by caryrabbit (86 posts) -

What the FUCK! I give up on that studio.

#31 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -

No right audio only left

#32 Edited by HydraHam (1380 posts) -

on rails? ON RAILS?

i hate you molyneux, this is why i don't see the kinect ever being a viable gaming device for the "core" or "hardcore" or whatever term kids use these days because everything is on rails, YOU are the control, that is the problem, need some kind of remote/wand based accessory

#33 Posted by Loganchase (28 posts) -

Finally, the horse riding sim I've been waiting for.

#34 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

That's actually kinda lame. To be fair though, I'm getting rather tired of the Fable series.

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#36 Posted by Reuben (623 posts) -

At least I'll have games to play with on my Kinect. I haven't used it much and that's because there weren't many games of interest. 
Still though the conference just didn't have a good balance of both, was very Kinect sided. anyway this game looks like crap compared to others.

#37 Posted by classique91 (9 posts) -

wherez the right sound channel?

#38 Posted by DMack (77 posts) -

Featuring Russell Brand as the hero?

#39 Posted by TheChaos (1205 posts) -

This is going to fail so hard.

#40 Posted by Mike76x (559 posts) -

So do you fart at people while you drive by?
Will Eric Idle be pushing DLC roads?
Does ANYONE give a shit about Fable?

#41 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2459 posts) -

I have no idea what to expect. But from the description I don't expect much.

#42 Posted by catpowerd (157 posts) -

Welp Fables officially dead pack up your bags people.

#43 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6420 posts) -

I cannot wait to see how this is executed because, even on paper, this sounds terrible.

#44 Posted by Dustpan (1781 posts) -

Everybody's time has been wasted.

#45 Posted by Firethorne (26 posts) -

Albion's end is comming?  Huzzah!
#46 Posted by Capum15 (5147 posts) -

...aww. I wouldn't mind a Fable 4 but...not an on rails shooter.

#47 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Kinect and Fable huh? Good luck with that.

#48 Posted by Tebbit (4575 posts) -

That really came out of left-field. BECAUSE THE RIGHT-FIELD DIDN'T EXIST!!!

By which I mean sound channels.

#49 Posted by colinjw (250 posts) -

Hmmmmmmm didn't play the last one and this is looking well, ok. 

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A on rails shooter. Yea that's what people want from a Fable game clearly.

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