armaan8014's Fable: The Lost Chapters (PC) review

The best RPGs ive ever played. (ive played oblivion)

Fable : The Lost chapters is a highly addictive and enchanting game, which you will always remember as a memorable experience after completing the game.
The game allows you to choose your way, between good and evil, while giving separate side missions for both.Your good and evil actions affect your appearance , with a halo above and butterflies around you for good, and horns and dark eyes for evil.

You live the life of the hero from his childhood and make moral decisions, big or small, throughout your life.
The story of the game itself is great and big, and you will feel as if you are reading another epic story such as the lord of the rings or eragon.
There is a full history of the plot, and the cut scenes are both animated and dramatized with the help of paintings.
The graphics are great, and the game play is fun, with all the level ups making you strong enough to kill any creature without much trouble.
There is no battle which is tough enough to stop you from completing the game, but the fun and the magic itself lie in the very "living" of the game. The orchestra music makes this an even more great game, and the game will stay in your thoughts even after weeks of completing it. The game is a classic.

Posted by Claude

I should buy it for the pc, it's less expensive now.

Posted by armaan8014

Allright this was when i'd not played oblivion properly nor any good RPG so , it isnt the best rpg anymore, tho its still a great game!

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