Do you want your voice heard for Fable 4 and 5! Take the survey!

#1 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -
Here is a survey from Lionhead studios, they want your input on Fable 4 and 5.  Mine is to come up with something better and to get Peter Molyneux to stop talking.
#2 Posted by animateria (3253 posts) -

I'd just tell them to stop making Fable games for a while.

#3 Posted by Kombat (2205 posts) -

This thread title starts like a question, but ends like an excited, declarative statement.

#4 Posted by Aronman789 (2676 posts) -

Oh god the nightmare continues. 
You'd think Peter would go on to over hype something else.

#5 Posted by Hailinel (24966 posts) -

They're already planning a Fable 5?
Maybe they should actually concentrate on making Fable 4 not disappoint as many people as Fable III did?

#6 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -
@Hailinel: Peter said he plains on doing 4 and 5 previously. He is committed to Fable for some reason. 
#7 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -
@animateria said:
" I'd just tell them to stop making Fable games for a while. "
#8 Posted by Hailinel (24966 posts) -
@kingofpeanuts said:
" @Hailinel: Peter said he plains on doing 4 and 5 previously. He is committed to Fable for some reason.  "
People need to stop listening to that guy.
#9 Posted by VooDooPC (330 posts) -

The game would be awesome if it was called Black and White 3.

#10 Edited by IBurningStar (2173 posts) -

Why bother? They won't listen to anything people say. They will just change random things, probably for the worse, and then Pete will spend 6 months talking about how it will change the way we thinking about gaming and offer the player true choice. The game will turn out to still be the exact same as 3 and everything that was said to hype it up will be revealed as total bullshit.

#11 Edited by spankingaddict (2678 posts) -
@animateria said:

" I'd just tell them to stop making Fable games for a while. "

Yes! Lets all tell them that! 
I loved Fable 2, but please start a new franchise! It's getting old.
#12 Posted by Soap (3594 posts) -

That was the worst survey I've ever taken. Points out of 13!? and you can only mark each number once? Well how is it going to be honest? I wanted some of them to be 2 but they ended up having to be 5 or 6 because of the way it was organized. 
At least it's consistent with the fable 3 'design'

#13 Posted by Jimbo (9819 posts) -

Where's the "Make something else ffs" option?

#14 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

I seriously hope this isn't the way they plan to make future games....

#15 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -
@Hailinel: Agreed. 
#16 Posted by Jimbo (9819 posts) -
@Soap: You're putting them in order, not scoring them.
#17 Posted by valrog (3671 posts) -

Well that survey is kind of retarded. Why can there only be one grade for the entire set of questions? Bah.

#18 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1286 posts) -

I gave up when I couldn't select the same number for multiple answers. Also things like 'All Fable games give the opportunity to play coop on the couch' well they should goddamn well know Fable/Lost Chapters didn't have that, so why is it 'All Fable games' ? 
I was at least hoping there was going to be a comment box so that they could get to honest and straightforward feedback, but I guess that's not how they're gonna play it.

#19 Edited by Underachiever007 (2468 posts) -

As much as I loved Fable 2, I'm not sure I really need another Fable game in my life right now. Perhaps they should take a break and try something different?

#20 Posted by Fjordson (2448 posts) -

I would love an improved fourth and fifth game. Felt compelled to take the survey since I loved the first two games. I don't blame anyone who's a bit fed up after the last game, but I still have some hope. Though who knows if they'll actually listen to any sort of community feedback.

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