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Fable Is Awesome! 0

Story:You start the game as a young boy. his village, Oakvale, was raided and destroyed by bandits on his sister's birthday. His father was killed and his mother and sister were kidnapped as a result of this raid. A Hero named Maze rescues the Hero, and convinces him to join the Heroes' Guild to be trained to become a Hero. Maze sees great potential in the boy. The Hero then goes on a journey to discover the reason behind his village's destruction, and find what happend to his family.Gameplay:Th...

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Fable makes the RPG fun 0

Before Fable, I had never reached the end of an RPG. The closest I got was in Ocarina of Time, I think I finished about 5% of that game. Of course that game was also 6 or 7 times longer than Fable which is one of it's largest flaws. The length of Fable has been criticized time and again, but as a gamer who is not a fan of RPGs, I find it to be a positive thing. The game provides so much for you to do, and gives you purpose for each activity. By the time you finish the game, you will definately h...

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A Classic RPG. 0

The game itself... Being one of the most highly awaited games of the Xbox’s life span, Fable was finally released to the Fable-thirsty public in late 2004. Ever since the Xbox launch, the title had seen its fair share of hype and excitement from gamers all around the world... well, maybe not so much . Mainly due to Japan's ever-sinking enthusiasm for Microsoft's big black box rather than being uninterested in the actual game itself. However, there was quite a stir going around for the game. A lo...

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I loved it. 0

I only borrowed an Xbox for a short period, but Fable was one of the best games I had played on that system. Microsoft's Fable, the very RPG that's been touted by its creator Peter Molyneux (that same guy behind Black and White) many times for being the greatest RPG to ever grace its way into gamer's aspirations for the evolutionary genre. Known even before the Xbox's time, Fable once went by the name of Project Ego. The most gorgeous screenshots YOU'VE ever seen were paired with details surroun...

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Review: Fable III 0

 Role playing and adventure games have been using the good versus evil morality system for years now. The improvements in technology this decade has given game developers more tools to make this core gameplay system something more, actually giving these decisions emotion and weight. Lionhead Studios' Fable series is built entirely around this principle. While Peter Molyneux does oversell the features of his games on a regular basis, I felt the first two Fable games did an above average job of ma...

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Well worth revisiting (or just visiting) 0

NOTE: This review was written for Fable: The Lost Chapters on Xbox. Unfortunately, The Lost Chapters page won't let me write the review for xbox, just PC and Mac. Here's a classic. I just got this one last year because it was $5 and it was completely worth it. I'd heard others praising Fable back when it was released but for some reason I let it slide off my radar. It's an action RPG, with a whole lot more added in to keep it from getting boring. It takes place in your average fantasy setting, i...

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An Immersive World with your Choosing 0

Fable is a game where you control your character personality, looks, and whether or not he will be good or evil. The game begins when you are a young child, and you are set on the duty to get your little sister a gift for her birthday. This is where the game first introduces you into the system of choosing whether or not you will be good or evil. You can earn the money helping others and being the good lad or you can be the village bully by beating kids up and helping others not so nice. Once yo...

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Fable. It's an unappreciated gem! 0

Fable is a 3rd person Action/RPG game, set in the fictional world of Albion. It's created by English Game producer Lionhead studios, and is part of the Fable franchise. In the game, you control a dynamically morphing player, which depends on whether you do good things (e.g: killing Bandits) or evil things (e.g killing wnadering traders). You never have any direct control of the morphing, but it's not hard to be either good or bad. Eating too much will make you fat, whilst not eating will make yo...

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The promise of the best action RPG ever, is a broken one. 0

This game is not bad by any means, but it is really not that great either. This is an action RPG. There are enimies, spells, hit points, and places to explore. The problem is, there are not many of them. Where you can go is very limited, there are invisible walls everywhere. When you are exploring, you are constantly on trails. It feels like I am walking through a park, on a designated trail, with designated signs. There are not many spells, there are just not. There are not many items, weapons...

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Fun Indeed 0

I haven't gone back and played this game for years but it still holds a place in my memory. This game was a rare find in the seemingly enormous ocean of original XBOX games. As would be expected the component of free will is this games' true driving force. The ability for the player to choose to be good, evil, or a little of either/both is a choice that is beyond fun.The RPG component of experience based on the attacks the player chooses make the player decide what path they will walk in terms o...

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A Very Solid RPG 0

From a person that was looking forward to the game only through the optimistic words of a friend, the game was great. Perfect, balanced, everything an RPG could've done! But after closer analyzation and learning about how much was promised but never made in, my mind has since swayed from that opinion. Fable was something great that would've been greater had more thought been put into combat and gameplay mechanics. Perhaps the most annoying part of the game is a certain feel that makes you feel...

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Bullet Point Review: Fable (Xbox) 0

What I liked: Vistas - Be it a swamp, a graveyard, a town or a sprawling meadow, the world of Albion is gorgeous. Length - Alot of people say Fable is too short, especially for an action-RPG. True it's no Final Fantasy in length, but to me it was almost perfect. I think my playthrough lasted about 18hrs or so. Sound - From the music, to the monsters, to the people calling me 'Arseface', the sound in this game is really good. What I didn't like: Loading - Everytime you turn around in Fable the...

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Great gameplay 0

the atmosphere of fable is great, the story line is good, and many quests are available. i like the weapons and interactions. but it should be less harder to start a relationship with a woman :P. the graphics are pretty good but the trees cause black blotches all over the screen if they focus on the screen....

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