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Fable Is Awesome!


You start the game as a young boy. his village, Oakvale, was raided and destroyed by bandits on his sister's birthday. His father was killed and his mother and sister were kidnapped as a result of this raid. A Hero named Maze rescues the Hero, and convinces him to join the Heroes' Guild to be trained to become a Hero. Maze sees great potential in the boy. The Hero then goes on a journey to discover the reason behind his village's destruction, and find what happend to his family.


Throughout the game, the main character  earns experience points. In order to buy or upgrade abilities and statistics. Points earned have four categories: General, Strength, Skill, and Will. you get general points by doing quests and killing enemies. How the player kills  those enimies will affect in which of the other three categories they will gain points. Making the main character use melee weapons to attack an enemy or making him eat healthy food earns Strength points, firing the bow or trading earns Skill points, and using magic earns you  Will points. The experience the main character gains can be multiplied during combat through the combat multiplier. As the character successfully hits an enemy (melee, ranged or will attack), his combat multiplier increases. If the character is hit by the enemy, the combat multiplier drops down to the next multiple of five. The missons seem to be, go to the gold marker kill bandits etc, and are very linear.


The character models and enviroments are nicely done. Even these days Fable sill looks good.


If you plan of getting Fable 2, or having extra cash going, you should get this game because its a class, and the start to a very promsing franchise.

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