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Fable. It's an unappreciated gem!

Fable is a 3rd person Action/RPG game, set in the fictional world of Albion. It's created by English Game producer Lionhead studios, and is part of the Fable franchise. In the game, you control a dynamically morphing player, which depends on whether you do good things (e.g: killing Bandits) or evil things (e.g killing wnadering traders). You never have any direct control of the morphing, but it's not hard to be either good or bad. Eating too much will make you fat, whilst not eating will make you shrink. You can also get absolutley wasted, even to the point of vomiting. You do get control of hairstyles and tatoos, though. You gain expirence by killing enemies and completing certain tasks, which, in turn, affect your alignment. The experience orbs dropped by enemies can be traded at the Guild of Heroes for either Spells, Skills, or Strength. You see what they did there? It's called alliteration. You can also upgrade each criteria up to a maximum of five times.Spells are obviously magical spells, but are divided into two distinct types. There's target spells which usually only effect one enemy, and are therefore good assets in a one on one battle. These spells are rather pointless, though, when you're up against a lot of enemies. That happens most of the time, actually. The other type are called area spells, and, as you may guess, have smaller dammage but affect enemies in your immidiate surroundings. Upgrading target spells increace their power, while upgrading area spells increase range. Skills are actually just archery and thieving. Archery is, as you would probably guess, all about bows and crossbows. Increasing your archery skill allows you to shoot faster, and dish out da pain more with each shot. Thieveing lets you... you know. Steal stuff. And be sneaky. Strength lets you deal out more damage with swords and axes, and increase your health. Overall, I think Fable's a awesome experience, but it's not without it's flaws.


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