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Move List

  • Texas Knee - 623B
  • Texas Knee Shot - 623D

The following moves can be chained up to three times with each other in certain ways.

  • [1] Frontier Shot - 236AC (hold) (chains with [2], [3], [4])
  • [2] Wild Comeback - 214AC (hold) (chains with [1], [3], [4])
  • [3] Middle West - 623AC (during [1] or [2])
  • [4] Grand West - 236BD (during [1] or[2])

Super Special Moves

  • Wilderness Bazooka - 236236AC
  • Raging Revolver - 236236BD

Heat Up

  • Quick Draw - 236AC
  • Quick Draw - 214AC


Face is searching the world of Battle Fantasia seeking to find the Black Knight (Deathbringer) who murdered his girlfriend and cut off his best friend's arm only to frame him for the crime. Because of this Face has been forced to go on the run as a 250,000 World bounty has been placed on his head. Face wields two weapons, the Coyote Hunter, in his right hand, and the Cobra M 1910, in his left hand, both of which look antique but have been highly modified. Face's real name is unknown and he has been nicknamed Face because of the bizarre mask he wears.

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