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Marginally better than actually being punched in the face. 0

Facebreaker is a boxing themed fighting game, and to call it a boxing game would be absurd as beyond characters fighting in a boxing ring while wearing boxing gloves, all aspirations to the sport are purely cosmetic. Recharging health bars, a throw button and ranged attacks are just some of the features that place this game firmly in the fighting game genre, and while the aim was to create a lighthearted accessible alternative to the realistic, nuanced fight night series the game is mired by poo...

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More like Finger Breaker 0

 Insanely fast button masher. It made my hands hurt! I can only play for about an hour before I start getting hand and thumb cramps/aches. Gameplay is very simplistic. The challenge comes in being physically able to play long enough to beat the fighters.The characters are sort of funny. The gameplay is interesting to watch (for other people) as each character has a different set of moves and special attacks.Downloadable content is perhaps more entertaining than the game. You can download the vid...

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