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Fado is predominantly known as the Kokiri and the former Sage of Wind who resides in the Wind Temple in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. His duties are to pray to prolong the Master Sword's ability to defeat evil's bane. At some point, Ganondorf breaks free from his seal and sends Molgera to kill Fado. Once Link arrives to the Wind Temple and plays Wind God's Aria, Fado's spirit emerges and informs Link to find someone who has an instrument similar to his violin. After Link finds and brings Makar and defeated Molgera, Makar plays Wind God's Aria with Link. Fado is summoned, and he plays along with them. With the roles of the Wind Sage passed down to Makar, Fado's spirit can finally rest in peace.

Fado of Ocarina of Time

The lesser known character with the name Fado is a little Kokiri girl from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She has blonde pigtails and can be spotted in the Lost Woods most of the time. During the Biggoron quest, Link has to deliver the blue Cucco to Grog where Grog gives Link, the odd mushroom. After the old witch has brew a potion using the mushroom, Link returns to the Lost Woods where he find Fado istead. She remarks that people who get lost in the woods become Stalfos. She gives Link, a broken poacher's saw in exchange for the potion since the materials are native to the Kokiri Forest.

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