Am I just stupid?

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How do you change the difficulty?   I have looked in all the menus I can find but I can't find an option to change the difficulty.
I assumed that I would be able to change back and forth, And the game would keep track of where I am in each difficulty, Do I have to complete the game before i can
Edit: Turns out I am just stupid,  
I'm not going to explain, If you want to know how stupid buy the game,
It will be obvious....

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You.............bought Fairytale Fights?

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i saw a fairytale fights t shirt at goodwill once, looks like it had never been worn. 
almost got it. 

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@captain_clayman:  Don't lie you got it.
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And for what it is, It's actually pretty fun (in small doses)
Also it was only $15 brand new

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