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  • 1987 - Fairytale established.
  • 1989 - Cocktail Soft established.
  • 1997 - Companies merge to become "F&C Co.Ltd" (Efuandoushi). 


"Fairytale" 1987-1991


"Fairytale" 1992-1997

"Fairytale/Hardcover" 1994 - ?

"Fairytale/Red-Zone" 1993 - ?


On October 18, 1991, Fairytale released the game "Saori - The House of Beautiful Girls". Approximately two weeks later, a junior high-school student was caught trying to shoplift the game from a store located in the Kyoto Prefecture. The case exposed the contents of the game to a public largely unaware of the Eroge market of personal computer games.
The ensuing media frenzy resulted in a police raid on the offices of Fairytale and it's parent company. On November 25th of the same year, the president of Fairytale was arrested on charges of possessing obscene images for sale. Initially, the charges are claimed to relate to a lack of genital pixelation in the game, but it later emerges the arrest was solely due to the excessive nature of the game's content.

In the early half of 1992, video game companies form a content regulatory body, the "Ethics Organization of Computer Software". On April 11th, 1992, a law is passed that requires all Eroge games to carry an "R18 " label.

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