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Character Biography

Faith is a medic in the true sense of the word. She got into the field because she genuinely feels that she can help her fellow soldiers in the Interstellar Armed Forces in their fight against the swarm. Although she has had plenty of experience in the field, she still personally attaches herself to each of her patients and is deeply affected when anybody is lost. Faith is genuinely committed to making sure everybody makes it out alive.
In-game, Faith is a much better overall medic than she is a soldier. Her affinity for healing helps the other members of the team avert death quickly and her expertise for curing infestation of parasites proves invaluable in the later stages of the Jacob's Rest campaign. She does the least amount of damage possible, however, and as a result she doesn't pull as much weight in combat as Bastille or any of the other classes do. Faith performs at her best when being played as a support character, and players should try and keep her close to the other players in the squad.

In-game Stats

Healing 5/5 
Infestation Curing 3/3 
Damage Bonus 1/5 
Reload Speed Bonus 2/5 
Speed Bonus 3/5

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