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Years later after their first encounter with Welkin at the university, Faldio reunites with Welkin at Randgriz as lieutenants for the Gallian army during a briefing with Eleanor Varrot. During the briefing on Operation Cloudburst (which focuses on taking control of Vasal Bridge), Faldio informs Welkin about how General Damon looks down on the common militia, so it is likely that he'll use their squads as decoys or cannon fodder. After Squad 7 has claimed Vasal Bridge and stopped the supply lines in Kloden Forest, Faldio accompanies Squad 7 to the Barious Desert to investigate why the Imperials are here. Faldio, Welkin, and Alicia explore the temple of the Valkyrur where Alicia stumbles upon a secret room. Inside, Faldio and the group encounter Maximilian and Selvaria. This leads to a battle where Faldio's squad and the rest of Gallian forces suffer massive casualties when holding back Selvaria. In the meantime, Welkin and his squad focus on taking down Maximilian's tank, the Batomys. Afterwards, Faldio goes over what has happened and explains that Selvaria is one of the Valkyria due to the mythical lance and shield wrapped in cobalt flames that she wields.

While the military moves from the Barious Desert (in a report), Faldio points out that Alicia injured, but she informs him that she heals fairly quickly. Later that night, Faldio finds Alicia glowing bright blue like the Selvaria and the Valkyria of legend. Going back to the secret room in the ruins, he later confirms that Alicia is a Valkyria because the room only opened when Alicia touched the door. During the battle at Naggiar Plains, the Gallian army suffers massive casualties when Selvaria returns to battle, armed with her lance and shield. Desperate to turn the tide of battle, Faldio shoots (using a sniper rifle) Alicia. Then, he gives Alicia the lance and shield he had possibly stolen from the museum. Later, Welkin finds out that Faldio shot Alicia by a note his friend had left him. The note expresses his indecision and sheds some light on the so-called Darcsen Calamity. It turns out that the Valkyria were invaders and wipde out most of the Darscens. After enslaving the Darscens, they changed history and placed the cause of the battle damage on the Darcsens. Welkin gets enraged and starts a fight with him. The two friends get reprimanded for their actions, and Faldio gets sent to solitary confinement. He escapes his cell to arrive at Maximilian's last armored tank, the Marmota. After disabling the energy supply that gives Maximilian his artificial Valkyrur power, he grabs the now powerless prince and apologizes to Welkin and Alicia before falling to his death with Maximillian.


He has strong interests in history and archaeology. He has a habit of chatting with women as Welkin notes that every girl in their high school knew Faldio by name and reputation (this is also reflected in his personal potentials in Valkyria Chronicles II) His concern with his appearance leads to an interest in fashion. For example, when Faldio and Welkin attend an audience with Princess Cordelia, Faldio comments on how their formal uniform looked dorky. It is also said that he once submitted a re-design proposal for the uniforms, but it was rejected for being "too fancy."

Faldio is also an unwavering patriot. His love for his country and desire to protect it has him despise the corrupt politicians and higher ranked military officers that seek profit over defending Gallia. It also leads him to do some regrettable things, like awakening Alicia's dormant power at the risk of her life. Despite his patriotism, he still places his friendship with Welkin and Alicia above all else. This is demonstrated when he sacrifices himself with Maximillian to atone for his actions.

Unit Data

He is not a playable character in Valkyria Chronicles 1. However, he is playable in Valkyria Chronicles 2 as a password unlockable character. He joins the squad as a lancer. Listed below are his personal potentials (as stated directly in the game.):

  • City Kid - Standing on paved areas feels right at home, raising defense.
  • Fancies Women - Having women around fires up their fighting spirit, raising firing accuracy.
  • Chatterbox - Tends to get caught up in conversation, lowering firing accuracy.
  • Patriot - Alarm at the situation their country is in lowers defense.

Below is his battle potentials for his class tree. To unlock his fourth battle potential, one must use Faldio frequently under various conditions in battle. For example, Anti-Intercept is unlocked when Faldio runs through enemy intercept fire during player phase.

ClassBattle Potentials
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Armored Traits - Raises defense when under interception fire.
  • Ammo Refill - Fully reloads ammunition after finishing an attack.
Lancer Veteran
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Tank Foe - Raises firing accuracy and attack power against armored targets when multiple tanks are nearby.
  • Dismantle - Raises firing accuracy and attack power against armored targets.
Lancer Elite
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Extra Shot - Loads one round of ammunition after an attack is finished.
  • Max Vs Armour - Significantly raises attack power against armored targets at all times.
Mobile Lancer
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Major Accuracy - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Close Quarters - Raises evasive skills when closing in on an enemy.
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Major Defense - Raises defense.
  • Super Defense - Raises defense.
Heavy Mortarer
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Explosives Ace - Raises attack power against armored and infantry targets when attacking with a hand grenade.
  • Ranged Shot - Attacks made when shooting from a distance cannot be evaded.
Mobile Mortarer
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Major vs Personnel - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Anti-Intercept - Halves the damage taken from enemy interception fire.

Other Media


Faldio makes an appearance in the Valkyria Chronicles anime adaptation. His anime counterpart has more interaction with Alicia, and he is shown more prominently than his game counterpart. His squad comprises of characters from Welkin's squad in the video game. Faldio has a romantic interest in Alicia. This romantic interest makes his hesitation to awaken Alicia's powers at the risk of her life more conflicting. He also takes Cordelia hostage and appears more overtly desperate in the anime than he was in the game. His death is different from the video game version. In the video game, Faldio brings down Maximillian with him and falls to his death. Compared to the anime, he sacrifices himself by detonating a grenade to wipe out a few Imperial soldiers.


Faldio is also shown more prominently than his game counterpart, but not so much as his anime counterpart. He is also seen flirting with Alicia more casually in a teasing sort of way that doesn't necessarily suggest romantic interest. This may have developed into romantic interest when entering the Barious Desert story arc. Unlike the game, Faldio has a serious discussion with Irene Ellet regarding his idea to awaken a possible Valkyria, making his gradual decision more visible. In the game, Faldio's hesitation to make this decision is only revealed in the note he leaves Welkin and in his musings when he is in solitary confinement.


  • In the game, his English voice actor is Robin Atkin Downes who is known for voicing Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes.
  • His Japanese voice actor is Takahiro Sakurai who is known for voicing Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII.
  • According to the Valkyria Chronicles artbook, Faldio's father is a history professor and played a big role in Faldio's interest in archaeology and ruins.
  • According to the same artbook, Faldio is also a skilled horseman and attended Gallia's finest riding school. This talent is not seen in the game or anime, though.

Concept Art

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Faldio is originally designed to look more serious, with short black hair and glasses. The creator recycled Faldio's design to create Mica Hawkins because they decided that it fit Mica's character better.

(Source: Valkyria Chroncles Design Archive published by Udon Entertainment Production)

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