Worth picking up for $20 on Steam?

#1 Posted by endaround (2148 posts) -

I heard very little about this outside that it cleans up Elemental's mess. Anyone have an opinion?

#2 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (400 posts) -

This sparked my interest in the game. I'm gonna read a review later.

I guess being on Giantbomb I should recommend the Gamespot review. "Fallen Enchantress is a smart, challenging strategy game with tons of depth." They quote steep learning curve as a negative, whereas I think for many interested it may be a positive.

#3 Posted by NicksCorner (436 posts) -

I agree, it took me three plays to finally grasp all of the systems but each time I understood one I was amazed at the depth of the game.

#4 Posted by eznark (92 posts) -

This game is fantastic. A huge, huge upgrade over Elemental. Shockingly for a strategy game, even the included campaign is wonderful. The game is easily worth $20 if you like Masters of Magic back in the day.

#5 Posted by gijoeverde (1 posts) -

If you enjoy Civ games and any of the Heroes of Might and Magic, you should get it. Check the Steam guides out when you first start to play. I wished they were there when I started; it would have saved me a lot of time reading forums.

#6 Posted by BluPotato (499 posts) -

I picked it up for like 5 bux on the Summer Sale but only have played it for about a half hour. Seems a competent enough of a successor to Master of Magic though.

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