Favourite quote from Fallout 2?

#1 Posted by Womble (77 posts) -

I'm tied between "I'm gonna beat you like a red-headed stepchild!" and "Up yours and have a bullet breakfast, asshole!"

I love 'em both because they summarise the ridiculous humour in Fallout.

#2 Posted by LocoRocker (317 posts) -

"mike like ears" by a black boxer in new reno.

#3 Posted by Driadon (3106 posts) -

"God I wish I had a limit break..."
Good ol' Cassidy.

#4 Posted by Delsaber (208 posts) -

Just about anything Sulik says.

#5 Posted by Bawabus (36 posts) -

"Missy, you've got some explainin' tuh do."

"I'm his doctor, I was taking his temperature."
"Then why in the hell are you both nekid!?"
#6 Edited by essi2 (166 posts) -

Same as Delsaber, pretty much everything Sulik says.

#7 Edited by Fisk (29 posts) -

I admit, I cheated and hit up google for quotes to post here. Some of the stuff I found I just can't imagine being in a game. And I mean in any game Today. How old is this? Ten years? It's still edgy.

Renesco: Me? I'm jolly ol' Saint Nick. And YOU must be that stupid slip of porno trash that trench coat-wearing elderly men use to fulfill their masturbatory fantasies.
Mason: Well, check out this bouquet of assholes.
Myron: Hey, don't use that shit on me! Save it for addicts!

And than all those Hidden Quotes in the Credits. That Team was pretty funny and very dirty. I found a video of them on gametrailers.com and just picked out some random.

Tom F: Cancer, stay away from my penis!
Chad A: I seem to be doing better as a woman.
Danny M: Don't Give Sulik flares cause he'll chuck them like the president's seed.

#8 Posted by banned8921 (1374 posts) -

you cut my nipple off.

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