How do I get my party back?

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So yeah, I'm playing Fallout 2 and loving it. I've never played the old Fallout games before, so I though I'd give it a shot, and so far it's pretty awesome. 
However, I've run into a spot of trouble, and I figure that someone on Giant Bomb has to know the answer. And if not, hey, at least Fallout 2 gets on the front page for a few minutes.
I just had sex with Angela in New Reno, and now I can't find my party. I was rollin' with two dudes, and now I have no idea where they went while I was gettin' funky. I've looked all around, and I can't find them. 
I'm really hoping this isn't just a shitty bug, as I've had to deal with enough B.S. getting it to run on Windows 7, and I've had to learn to save often because every now and then it just crashes for no reason. But yeah, does anyone know how I get my party back? I had Vic and that bartender from outside Vault City, I forgot what his name was.

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Er, are you playing this game unpatched? I'm fairly certain this was a huge issue fixed in the official patches, but I am positive it was something covered in Killap's Unofficial Patch.

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 Found this on a Fallout 2 wiki for Angela:
"  If you sleep with her, your followers might disappear, so it's best to tell them to wait for you beforehand.  "

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@Mmmslash: Well, I'm playing the Steam version, which really ought to be patched. If it isn't... shit, I just lost two guys and a bunch of loot they were carrying.
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@takua108: I completely forgot they were released on Steam, to be honest. That probably explains it then, that was fixed in Killap's.
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Arzen speaks the truth, the only way to play that game is with the unofficial patches.

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@Mmmslash: Well, balls. Since I'm retarded, I only have two save files: one that's my current one, and one from about six hours of gameplay ago when I was in the middle of a fight. Looks like I'll be loading that one up. 
Also, I'm assuming you can't patch the Steam version...?
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You better load an earlier save and keep it in your pants next time around.
I still have an unfinished Fallout 2 save somewhere. >.>

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@takua108: I don't know if anyone's done it successfully, to be quite honest. It's just an .exe you run, but the issue is with a Steam game, there is no Fallout 2 directory, just the Steam .cfg.
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@Mmmslash:  Actually, there are full directories for each game you have installed with Steam, you just have to dig a little deeper.  For me, it's Steam/steamapps/common/<name of game>
It means you *might* be able to patch it.  If you want to try, make sure to tell Steam not to automatically keep the game up to date.  I just have no idea if it would actually work, as I've never had to try it myself.
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Well I tried patching it, and it seems to have worked fine... except one more question before I start playing (99% sure I'm just going to start over anyways): are you supposed to install the official patch before installing the unofficial patch? I looked through the readmes and such and couldn't find any mention of it.

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@takua108: Don't install an official patches. Killap's is an alternative.
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@Mmmslash said:
" @takua108: I don't know if anyone's done it successfully, to be quite honest. It's just an .exe you run, but the issue is with a Steam game, there is no Fallout 2 directory, just the Steam .cfg. "
Are you sure? There should be some kind of Fallout 2 dir in the Steam folder. The problem is if said mod alters the .exe because all Steam .exe's are encrypted.
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Steam should have been updated with the latest official patch already.  So if you installed Killaps unofficial patch over it, I would think you'd be good to go.

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@Arzen: Wouldn;t some of the official patch changes screw with what Killap's does?
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Alright, thanks for the help, everyone. I'm now going to start over with the patch installed. :D

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@takua108: Good luck, and have fun.
Anytime someone plays a worthwhile Fallout title, I'm tickled pink.
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Any unoffical patch may very well render your previous saves unusable. Check the documentation.
Also, if you can get one of those patches working you might want to check in on if you can get the high-resolution mod working, because it is awesome.

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August speaks the truth, the high-res mod IS awesome.

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Where can I find this high-res mod?

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@takua108 said:
" Where can I find this high-res mod? "
here. It definitely alters the .exe so you're going to have to do some digging to find a solution.
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@Mmmslash: From what I read in Killaps readme, the only real problem with pre-patched versions prior to installing his unofficial patch is the patch000.dat file, which you just delete (and this is only if you're manually patching it).  If you use his installer for the patch, it will delete it for you.  Everything else just overwrites the old versions.
I really feel like playing Fallout/Fallout 2 now.
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Also if you go nuts and don't mind spending six bucks the gog version is unencrypted as far as I know.

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Again, August is right.
I prefer GOG for older titles, and Steam for newer ones. GOG actually goes about making these older games run on newer hardware, while Steam leaves that entirely up to the developers (Or whoever owns the rights, at that point). This ends up with examples like Commandos 2, where the game just simply didn't run.

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