100 things you've learned playing Fallout 3

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66.  Radiation poisoning is really just kind of a bother, and you can get up in the 7-800 levels and still walk around and function.

67.  War....Never changes.  ( I can't believe we hit the #70's and no one has said that one yet!  :-P  )

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68. Super computer AI's are bad ONCE AGAIN! Why won't you learn humanity!

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69. You can enslave children but god forbid you beat them.

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70. Disguising yourself as a raider with a mohawk doesn't really help at all when you walk into their camps

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71. Mole rats aren't always cute little pets called Rufus.

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72. Getting the snot beat out of you can be highly reminiscent of one's own birth both visually and aurally.

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73. Dogs are always on the attack, no matter how close to death they are, or how much they are on fire.

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74. Appearantly no one but you is capable of jumping. 
75. You have a limit on how much you can carry, but your companion doesn't.

76. The dog often proves to be smarter than a human companion.

77. People will forgive you for shooting them in the face if you put your gun away right after doing so.

78. Using the metro tunnels is a must because alot of streets are conveniently blocked off by rubble

79. Now matter how strong your gun is, you can never shoot the lock off a locked door or box

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80. Taking a nap for an hour cures broken arms torn torsos and any other problems but it takes 8 hours to be well rested.

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81. The PipBoy has infinite torch/flashlight battery life.

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82. Some guy named Pete whacks his meat and you are going to hear about it a lot in the post apocalypse.

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83.  Wearing a stupid looking wig will get you better deals at shops

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84. Trees can grow out of people's heads.

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85. With proper body armor an explosive rocket blast directly to the face can very likely be survivable

86. Limbs can only be removed from one's personage upon death

87. A minor scuffle between two reluctantly hostile factions over a couple of dilapidated buildings can accurately be described as a war.

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88. A Deathclaw has deadly claws.

89. A town run by children is better than a town run by an A-Bomb.

90. You can't loot dog meat from Dogmeat.

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91. If your gun isn't leveled up, you can shoot someone in the face 20 times before they decide to die.

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92. The Terrible Shotgun isn't so terrible.

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93. There is only one cowboy hat in washington DC.
94. Every hunting rifle has a broken stock.
95. You only need 6 people to assault an enclave fortress.
96. The Overseer is always the right answer.
97. bullets are surprisingly easy to find even though there is no one left to manufacture them.

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98. In the post-apocalypse, you have an endless supply of duct tape.

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99. You always ask yourself; why are there so many bent tin cans in the wasteland...?

100. The Yau Gui sometimes like to jump up in the air when they die...

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101. Robots are designed to think they are historical figures.

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102. if some body runs up to you and says "i have a bomb straped to me" dont bother helping them you will most likly fail and die

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103. Abe Lincoln had the most kickass gun ever made in his time.

104. Cracking a safe with a bobby pin is not only possible but only takes a couple of tries and less than 1 minute.

105. Hacking a computer is as simple as choosing correctly out of a pool of maybe 15 possibles.

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106. Some things wont die, even in a nuclear explosion.

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107. A lock or computer has the ability to judge your skill level and decide whether or not you are worthy of attempting to break past its enclosure.
108. All elderly white men have the same voice, and it is obnoxious.

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109. John Henry Eden is the president... of my heart.

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110. The 'Pint-sized Slasher' is not just a myth...

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111. Shooting the Fat Man straight up and having the nuke land on your head will cause a leg to fall off, and nothing else.

112. Humans are incapable of sprinting

113. The President of the United States is the most redundent/repetitive person ever.

114. You can drink from dirty urinals, and it somehow improves your health

115. Stealing an empty soda bottle will cause all nearby citizens to pull out Magnums and kill you.

116. You can place a live grenade in someones pants just by looking at their ass and pressing a button

117. About 6% of Washington DCs population know something about the history of the city

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118. If you stay hidden and out of view enemies will turn back to green.

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119. Once encumbered, you strafe faster then walking forwards.

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120. Naming your brand 'Nuka' is just asking for it

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121. When a rocket is launched in your direction and explodes at your feet... you will survive.

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122. Once nuclear fallout happens, people walking around in black doom armor with gas masks actually become friendlier than pretty much everyone else.

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123. Color is non existent in D.C.

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124. There's good reason to call a place "Minefield".

125. Formal attire is really only a choice between dirty and grimy.

126. Even if it's called "The Kneecapper", you should probably use it on faces.

127. Mirelurks don't have scaly community centers.

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128. Getting shot in the knee makes your arms fly off.

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129. Putting on an Enivornment Suit somehow makes drinking toilet water safer for the human body.

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130. Post-apocalyptic urinals are always more irradiated than other water sources. DUH!!!

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131. Traveling quickly means that you don't notice if you pass a city of giant mutants even if your path must have passed through it.

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132. Even though you have worn Power Armor in combat, repaired different versions, and all together have great experience using it. You, your self, will never be able to fix it like the random guy you met while wandering in the wasteland.

133. Futuristic weapons in the future are held together with super glue and will require constant repair every few hours.

134. "Sex" involves sleeping in the same bed with another woman. Nothing more.

135. People can obtain Aqua Man style powers after becoming friends with animals. Sadly, you yourself cannot control these creatures, and if they choose to attack an innocent you will be held responsible. 

136. Try as you might. You will never be able to fix the robots!

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137. Don't eat the "strange meat".
138. Nuka Cola Quantum makes your pee glow!

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139.  Shooting cars makes them blow up.  Just like in the movies. (except bigger explosions)

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140. In the future, exploding pants is concidered a good thing.
141. Punching simulated girls can often result in exploding.

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142. People who wear ant costumes are highly disturbed individuals.

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143. Dogs can survive shotgun blasts, sledgehammers, and explosions and will magically heal as soon as danger has passed. 
144. They also always know the way back to a cave they've never been to before, and will never die on their way there.
145. They also don't have to eat.

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146. Large buildings were demolished by the bombs, yet some gas stations full of explosive gasoline survived
147. Super Mutant Behemoths are incapable of attacking things at their height (for example, you are perfectly safe hiding on top of one of the roofs in Evergreen Mills)
148. Old food and irradiated water and heal broken bones, lacerations, and gunshot wounds

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149. Dead people cannot sit in chairs.

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150. Ammo weighs nothing.

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151. Med Kits weighs nothing.

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152. Squirrels on sticks and iguana bits are considered staples in postapocaliptia.
153. Squirrels and iguanas themselves are no where to be seen.

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