100 things you've learned playing Fallout 3

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154. If you give your gun a cool name like Vengeance or The Terrible Shotgun, it'll do more damage than any other gun of its kind.

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155. Refrigerators can hold an unlimited amount of stuff.

156. All raiders are into bondage armor and 80's hair cuts.

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157. If an interior decorator suggests something other than Love Machine, they warrant death.

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158. 'Happy' people who own shops are annoying and not only can survive an atom bomb being detonated on them but they make you go on the most bullshit side quests.

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159. Between a wasteland and the runins of D.C that have been demolished there are still afew hot birds  
160. Between a wasteland and the ruins of D.C that have been demolished there are no good pick up lines

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161. At the age of nineteen, it's possible to change every single aspect of your very being, including your appearance, personality and even gender.

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162. There are lunchboxes.  Everywhere.

163. You can walk all the way across Arlington National Cemetery in less than 5 minutes.

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164. You can make a weapon out of almost anything

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165. Fox News will continue to broadcast well after the nuclear holocaust....even if only through Nathan. 
166. Heed Lucas Simms' example. Wearing a duster does not make you a fast draw.
167. It takes intensive medical training to determine that people have died from bite wounds rather than mysteriously keeling over.

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168. In 200 years, nobody has bothered to clean their house. Everything is exactly as the nukes left it.

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169. Everyone in America carries a weapon.
170. Dogmeat can survive more bullets than my dog could.
171. All of your republic are belong to Dave.
172. If a deathclaw spots you, before you spot it, dont run, LOAD.

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173. You might not be able to break into that safe, but your dog sure can.

174. At some point in the future, the Constitution is amended to allow Brits to become President Of The United States.

175. It's bad karma to sell slavers into slavery, but not to kill them.  (Maybe the irony is bad karma?)

176. Though you'll get slowed down by 1000 pounds of gear, you'll never be stopped by it.
177. One locker can hold everything in Washington D.C.

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178. Dolls makes your awesomesity go up

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179. The white house has a secret entrance via the sewers outside, and it leads to the basement.

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180.  Shooting rebels in the face with a mini-gun 50 times wont kill them.  But 2 shots in the back, makes them explode.
181.  Hundred year old soda is still carbonated and for some reason still in glass bottles.
182.  Giant Super Behemoths are really afraid of dark hallways.
183.  Bullets hurt a ton less, when you see them coming.
184.  Why barter when you can shotgun?
185.  Like in real life, Karma is complete BS.
186.  Super mutants all look alike.  Is that racist?
187.  Looking down the sights of your gun, is impossible and sad.

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188. The plethora of bear traps scattered around the Wasteland do nothing to curtail the GIANT MUTATED GRIZZLY BEAR problem

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189. My psychiatrist was wrong, that tree is definitely talking to me.

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190. you can persuade people by wearing naughty nightwear .

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191. Radiation can get through canned goods

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192. Even in the future, everything about Alaska is lame

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193. Only two things will survive nuclear fallout: violence and a handful of songs from the fifties.

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194. Weapons in the future are pathetic.
195. The overseer was right. Try not to go out of your vaults.

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196. people will make futuristic cars, but will be unable to change motorcycles in any noticeable way.
197. soda is better for you cold, but you can't chill the quantum.
198. animals can open doors with ease.
199. only one dog in D.C. will have hair.
200. lincoln was the first man to have an action figure, and it came with his famous sword.
201. slaves still manage to escape on a frequent basis despite exploding head collars.
202. everyone will need your help.
203. rehab takes 5 seconds, tops, but you will be addicted again later.
204. you can drink 120 beers without dying.
205. you will be unable to smoke, but others can.
206. people will trade with bottle caps, but will still place value on the old currency.
207. if your really good/bad certain people will give you stuff.

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208. Nuclear fallout lasts for hundreds of years and plants will never grow back.
209. A Chinese pistol that shoots bullets at high speeds will only leave a scratch on you
210. People cannot have their torsos cut...only their legs arms and heads will be dismembered.
211. After a few years people are mutated by radiation... Not killed. The mutation does not pass down through generations.

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212. If you name your gun, it will have better stats than normal.

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213. You can steal underwear

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214. Landmines can be made from lunchboxes.

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215.  Wearing a ghoul mask is better than not wearing a ghoul mask. 

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216. Running is better then walking

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217. All bikes have disappeared; so has any other form of transportation that uses wheels.

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218. Disarming a Nuclear Bomb will get you a house.

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219. Drugs help you

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220. cannibals will form their own nation

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221. If you're alone with someone in a house, use a silent weapon and score an intant kill, someone outside WILL hear you.

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222. Violently killing your parents is easily forgiven, but if you dare steal a pan expect to die!!

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223. Drinking blood restores health, so does eating people

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224. You can cut up a persons body into tiny pieces, yet it is considered too evil to sleep in an "owned bed"
225. Enemies and vicious animals will wait patiently for you to finish your conversation before attacking you
226. All followers are stupid at heart

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227. Cars create mushroom clouds when they blow up. Every time.

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im gonna go ahead and steal the best one here.

228.  Fallout doesn't need to be in an isometric top-down view to be awesome

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229. Apparently you've lost all ambition of worldly acclaim you just want to be loved.

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230. There are only about 20 bobbleheads left, and they hold mysterious powers. 
231. Mysterious people that sit in the corner of a bar will often feel the need to get up and shoot someone, but once he's done, don't worry, everyone acts like nothing happened.

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232. You can always loot bodies even if you hit someone with a plasma rifle and turned them into goo you can still steal their bottlecaps

233. all cars contain secret nukes inside so that if u shoot them too much they will go off

234. If you are standing while invisible you can be seen clear as day but only when you are crouching are you truly hidden

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235. Behemoths can be domesticated.
236. Hitting a Super Mutant with your palm can make them fall over, paralyzed, but you'll have to hit them at least 3 time in the head with a sledgehammer to kill them.

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237. Some "zombies" just cant be trusted

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238. Everyone thinks they are the last bastion of humanity.

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239. That certain merchants gained the ability to fly

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Ztx said:
"122. John Henry Eden is the president... of my heart."

Hehe, good one.
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240. The Overseer is, indisputably, the most important person in Vault 101. He shelters us from the harshness of the atomic Wasteland, and he owe him everything we have, including our lives.

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241. There are no cellphones.

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310: Only  YOU can prevent human flesh fires.

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