100 things you've learned playing Fallout 3

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??. In a wasteland, electricity is still available in abandoned buildings even though there are no power plants in sight...
??. Drinking old, dirty, disgusting and colored toilet water gives a bit of health.

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@Jayge said:
" 35. You don't run faster with a knife (who gets the reference?); but you do when you wear 200-year-old pinstripe pants and a sweater vest (AGI +1 wat). "
Killing floor 
38. the ending makes ryan mad
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from using hand to hand combat, I've learned that the fist is mightier than the rocket launcher.

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We're supposed to be at 340...
Damnit people make sure you read ALL the pages.
340. Don't Mess With The Family.
341. You can make a giant flaming sword with your bare hands.
342. In the future, video games can kill you by making you proceed into cardiac arrest.
343. Armor is near useless.
344. Medical Adrenaline is used to cure wounds. Yet you can take nearly a thousand and not feel any side effects.

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345. The only place that has higher radiation levels than a nuclear waste disposal site is a vault specifically desgined to prevent radiation
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346. Moriarty is a dick.
347. Quiet small towns with nice people are usually populated by cannibals.
348. Rich Smoothskins hate ghouls.

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349. Nuka-Cola Quantum seriously fucked some people up. (Look at the computers in the lobby of the Nuka-Cola factory)
350. Some creepy stuff, and horrible failures occur before a nuclear holocaust.

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351. When you put a chick's clothes on, they automatically conform to your body shape.
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352: a squid, a human, and a dog can all be mutated together in the event of a nuclear war. the end result: the centaur.

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208. You have a chance of persuading anyone to do anything as long as you have 1% chance (remember to save and load).

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I'm going through and cleaning up this thread, renumbering everything in order and deleting spam posts along the way. Also deleting major spoilers as I find them.

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353. In the future you can do drugs that instantly make your muscles swell almost to the point of exploding, drugs that make you think you're invincible and drugs that make you kill stuff really quickly. But you can't do morphine because that's a prescription drug.

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242.  Gas leaks from pipes for hundreds of years until it ignites.
243.  The result of centuries of leaked gas igniting is underwhelming.

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354? The Republic of Dave is the only sovereign nation in the Capitol Wasteland. 
355. In the future we're still in the 50s
356. Don't feed the yao guai 
357. I like giant anti-communist robots that chuck nukes like footballs. 
358. I'm SPECIAL.

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children are invinsible

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359.Everyone is thin.
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41. Meat from a hairless, red skinned, two-headed cow is healthy.
42.  You are a lone wanderer... even with six followers. It's a sad world.

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@n7242c said:
"  39. After killing somebody, you are able to search their jaw. "
or lower intestines.
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360. Placing live grenades in peoples pants it FUN!

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42. Don't try to take the sheriff's hat unless your certain he won't kick your ass.

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1.Brotherhood Of Steel servez and prutect.
2.Nuka-Cola pwn.

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Confused about number:  
If you steal glue from a drawer that isn't yours... Be prepared to run.

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242. There is an awesome podcast about Fallout 3 called Galaxy News Radio, and anyone who is a fan should look it up. (Shameless plug)

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243.  Wonderglue is nowhere near as awesome an ammo for your Rock-It Launcher as you'd think it would be.

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244.  fallout 3 is like the buggiest game i ever played

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245. In the Capital Wasteland, they've lost the need for cars but not the need for vertibirds.

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41. dogs fall into two categories: german shepherds= good, other= bad

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41.  When fighting a Yao Guai Beast, always shoot em when they're in mid-air to see them soar over your head.

42.  Never bring a knife to a gun fight unless you have really high Strength and Endurance. 
43.  People seem oddly comfortable with a giant Super Muntant walking around in their villiage.

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44. Gore bags are a good source of Rock-it Launcher ammo. 
45. Ghouls are people too.
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41. Old ladies actually have some really nice legs.

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41. The Chinese make the best stealth suits ever. 

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This is, like, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than 100, bro!

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XXX:  In the future, dogs are badasses.  Even if you tell them to stay put, if they see a Super Behemoth, by gum, they're going to take that fucker on solo.

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I approve of this thread <3

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361. The movie Book of Eli has worth only in that it made me want to reinstall Fallout 3. 
362. I will CHEERFULLY backtrack halfway across the Capitol Wasteland map, crossing barren stretches of nothing and fighting off albino radscorpions at 10 HP if it will let me avoid 2 minutes in the DC Subways. 
363. Laser shotguns are better than regular shotguns.

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9000+. It is completely possible for the world to randomly explode around you.

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you are capable of falling asleep, and waking up at will.....WHILE STANDING! o.o
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364. Both PS3 versions (original and GOTY) are a disappointment. Bug, glitch, framerate and freezing issues.

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365. Lunch boxes make awesome mine casings.

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41. No matter how many bugs, and freezes a game has it can still get a  ****   to   *****  rating and deserve it.

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There will soon be cola that can make your pee glow.

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@organicalistic_ said:
" There will soon be cola that can make your pee glow. "
Ever drink a lot of energy drinks? Go ahead. Try it.
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366. Sending Jericho back to Megaton after it's destroyed can result in him disappearing forever. 

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42. Future Birthdays suck, robots always ruin the cake

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366. Cigarettes can only be sold.

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370. All heil the giant purple monolith! 
 (one of many texture glitches that I got while playing this game)

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keep your head down... ow that hurt.  mini nukes are a wast of time cuz you have to have the fatman launcher and there are only so many nukes.  It would be worth it if they had unlimited nukes that you could buy but with ounly 250 or what ever its a wast of time...o right I'v also learned never give a follower a fatman cuz if they do on the off chance find a mini nuke you better get the hell away from any bad guys cuz the you know what is about to hit the fan.  the green guy... I cant remember his name... Fawks thats it!  any way where was I?  O right he is the best guy he can take on justabout anything in game and he can pull his own weight and I mean it.  I have given 5 rocket launchers and he could still hold more.  Also you can go off and not have to babysit him.  But the game gets kind of easy with him even on very hard he still like never dies. 
I think I said what I wanted to say. 
Can't wait for New Vegas to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"26. In the Captial Wasteland, there is but one fashion style: Ridiculous.27. Whores take the phrase 'sleeping together' quite literally.28. Fire ants should be taken quite literally, too. "

27 whores haha  I know right!!!!!  250 caps and for what I didn't pay for you to sleep!  wake up wake up waaaaaaaaaaakkkkeeee up!!!
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@gamer1991:   PC mods will take care of that for ya and help you go into business for yourself.  If I see Nova again, bitch better have my money!

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