Can I get Wadsworth back?

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So I realize this game is, what, 2 years old?   But I just now got it and got into it.   


 I’m in Megaton last night and I get into the weapon armory.   Right after that I get attacked by pretty much the entire town.   I try to run into my house and hide from them, and the villagers follow me in.   When Wadsworth tries to fight them off, they end up killing him.   Unfortunately I don’t have a previous save to go back to (been just using the autosave).   Question is, is there any way to either get Wadsworth back or even get another robot butler?   I kinda miss his jokes and free water. 


 Before I turned it off I got a mission to go to a robotics factory and insert a keycode that will supposedly give me control over the robots there.   Might there be another butler there I can bring back home with me?


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I know you can get a robot in Tenpenny Towers, but you have to blow up Megaton. I don't think you can get that specific one back though, unless you're playing on PC and use the console commands.

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Your stuck im afraid, if your on PC its fairly easy to bring him back with console commands though. 

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Here's a tip, rotate saves, I usually save my game over 5 saves, and when I save the game, I just save over the oldest save.

Also, DON'T use the auto save, it's been known to corrupt game saves, just save manually.

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