Cheap Fallout 3 GOTY?

#1 Posted by modeps (157 posts) -

I was thinking on grabbing FO3 with all its content in the GOTY box, but it looks like it's still $60.  Know anywhere else I can grab it for cheaper? Borderlands GOTY will be $50 when that hits... I may just grab that.

#2 Posted by AZChristopher (85 posts) -

Last few times I went to Walmart they were selling it for 50. Been about a month since I've been there though.

#3 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4314 posts) -

Fallout 3 GotY for 60 is still a good buy. You'll get your moneys worth.

#4 Posted by RankRabbit (399 posts) -

I usually buy games still sealed from, hasn't disappointed me yet. Looks like the PS3 version is at $32 and 360 is a $37 now though. Too much if you ask me.

#5 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -

I got Fallout 3: GOTY for 25 bucks on a steam sale :)

#6 Posted by Demonfox15 (7 posts) -

I've seen it for $30 on

#7 Posted by ConfuciusOne (48 posts) -

I bought it when Best Buy had it on Sale for $40 last winter.  It's still sealed. :\

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