Fallout 3 - Birth Bug

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Dear one and all,

Sorry to disturb you all but I thought I would reinstall fallout 3 the other day. Unfortunately it's run into a problem.

Right at the beginning when you are born, I choose whether i'm a boy or girl, and the doctor in front of me moves away. I can then cry and my mother says effectivily aww. Unfortunately then the game goes no further. I can still cry and the hospital noises are still around but thats it. The game doesn't continue.

I've tried looking around the net and noted that a few other people have had the same issue but no one has replied with a decent answer other than downloading some mod that will skip the whole beginning. I really don't want to skip the beginning and would like the full fallout experience.

if anyone could help with this I would be most greatful.



PS - I have patched the game to its most current edition

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Hey, I never played F3 on a PC, but I found this on the internet (which is a web destination):

"Delete all the files in your my documents/my games/fallout 3 folder and start the fallout 3 launch menu. It'll tell you its going to detect settings for your computer. Accept them, DON'T CHANGE THEM AT ALL, and just hit play.
Once you start a new game, it should work; it did for me. I think it has something to do with altering the suggested settings."

Hope it helps.

#3 Posted by TwoLines (3178 posts) -

It's part of the game, you have to wait 18 years untill you can exit the vault.
It's real time.

#4 Posted by HarkinNecro (99 posts) -

Nope still having the same problem :(

#5 Posted by Maxynator (185 posts) -

Try command console to move yourself to another stage in the mission, its complex but relatively easy if you know how to do it.
Do you have the PC version?

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