Fallout 3 Reclassified MA15+ in Australia “Huzzah!”

#1 Posted by TWODOGSz (36 posts) -
Awesome news right here

Lets just hope that the only thing changed was the word "morphine" or else I might have to inject a little bit extra into the necks of those Aussie censors! lol
#2 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

ahahha YES!
I really hope they didnt have to take out any of the "strategic Dismemberment" macenics

#3 Posted by TWODOGSz (36 posts) -

Yeah if they took the "bloody mess" perk out I'll be importing. But I doubt they would've given NG2 and Gears haven't had trouble.

I'm more interested in what fictional name Bethesda came up with for Morphine. Any guesses?

#4 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

I'm still importing or pirating. Just because I hate this backwards as fuck Government.

#5 Edited by creamstatic (124 posts) -

why is australia so Nazi on games? who controls the ratings on games over there?

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