How many hours have you put into Fallout 3?

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#152 Posted by MikeydCT (732 posts) -

89 hours and 66 of those hours with in the last week.

#153 Posted by regularassmilk (1675 posts) -

Far too many.

#154 Posted by Brunchies (2501 posts) -

I spent about 110 hours into with 30 hours on one save and 80 on the other. 

#155 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4314 posts) -

900 Zillion.

#156 Posted by artofwar420 (6898 posts) -

I think I already posted here, but I'll update my hours, it's about 300 hours.
#157 Posted by 02sfraser (855 posts) -

wow that is big haha. i spent about 50 hours on my first character. deleted him by mistake :( then spent 35 hours on my new one. so 85+ hours. still have DLC to play through

#158 Posted by natetodamax (19418 posts) -
@artofwar420 said:
" I think I already posted here, but I'll update my hours, it's about 300 hours. "
#159 Posted by reptilia_kun (85 posts) -

a good 80 hrs for my first character which is the save that did practically every quest imaginable; then 30 additional hours with my evil character. time well spent :-D

#160 Posted by w34ky (139 posts) -

I have 2 characters and all the DLCs finished, and together a total of about 110 hours.

#161 Posted by imhuntad (320 posts) -

No clue. Beat the game with one character, deleted him, then started over. Got halfway through on a 2nd, deleted him. Did that again. Now I beat the game for a 2nd time, did all the dlc except the last one, and got all the way to lvl 30. So...hundreds.

#162 Posted by fisher81 (573 posts) -

3 play throughs, 168 hours

#163 Posted by L4wz (451 posts) -

all my 5 characters combined make for over 200 hours including DLC's
#164 Posted by KennyPowers (252 posts) -

i got five of the DLC's for free so I just bought the game.  Im pretty excited to log some serious hours.  I cant believe I'm just now getting to this.

#165 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

8, the amount of time it took me to finish the main campaign. 

#166 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -

With all characters - 421 hours 
With first character (and best) - 80 hours

#167 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

131. I've never played an RPG before.

#168 Posted by Kombat (2290 posts) -

Like 5 before I got bored and didn't play it again.

#169 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3088 posts) -

60 hours on my first character and 15 so far on my new one.

#170 Posted by Gr1mace (80 posts) -

About 120ish hours on one character. I love me some wondering.

#171 Posted by bluemantra (85 posts) -

50 something and I hope to keep picking it up every now and then during the dry time with releases. I picked up BS and I finished that and I will pick the others whenever I'm done playing this seasons releases.

#172 Posted by Turtlefuzz (270 posts) -
@gingertastic_10 said:
" 900 Zillion. "
I've put in around 30, mostly focusing on the primary missions. I played through the first 3 DLC packs, and am working on the side quests from the base game now. Planning on picking up those last two after Christmas.
#173 Posted by Jerr (536 posts) -

probs 150+ hours, with DLC

#174 Posted by MrBett (6 posts) -

I would say 50+ hours on PC.
On 360 it was like a speed run doing the main quest line and no additional exploring, so I don't know, max 8h?

#175 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2225 posts) -

I just finished my first playthrough, including the DLC and that totalled around 102 hours.

#176 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

i haven't bought it yet :( 
but i'm definitely thinking about getting the game of the year edition for PS3 this christmas.

#177 Posted by regularassmilk (1675 posts) -

Too Many.

#178 Posted by dankempster (2590 posts) -

I've put 47 hours into my current gamesave, most of which has been devoted to questing and DLC. Add that to the 70+ hours I spent with the game back in January, plus all the dying, then I guess I could easily say over 120 hours total.

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1st character:255 hours
2nd character:34 hours
3rd character:24 hours
4th character:6 hours
5th character:78 hours
6th character:2 hours
Total:399 hours

#180 Posted by KillerFly (450 posts) -

About 50 hours.  Still have a sidequest or two to do in the main game, and I haven't started Point Lookout or Mothership Zeta yet.

#181 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

somewhere over 150 if you combine all characters.
#182 Posted by iHaxedAllReconCodez (150 posts) -

Atleast 150 xD
#183 Posted by Reaganzilla56 (3 posts) -

I have 230+ Hours on my first character. That Includes all of the DLCs.
#184 Posted by ozzdog12 (939 posts) -
My lvl 30 good character is 83 or so and my lvl 12 Bad character is like 8 hours or so
#185 Posted by kingkorn69 (340 posts) -

I have logged around 50 hours so far and just about finished with it! I don't think with a game this big I can be bothered to play this game again!

#186 Posted by Manatassi (789 posts) -

I have 173 hours logged on my main, I deleted my Alt so I'm guessing about 200ish. 
I logged almost 350 with my main on Oblivion however, I guess Fallout didn't grab me quite as much.

#187 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3088 posts) -

I put more in oblivion, something like 105 hours on one character

#188 Posted by BlackIrish05 (401 posts) -

Around 100 so far. Still want to play the DLC.

#189 Posted by nukesniper (1265 posts) -

I just finished the last DLC for myself and am at 59 hours with 1550/1550 gamerscore in it now. I feel pretty accomplished, but I still feel the urge to check out random map locations for the side story elements in there. 
Fallout 3 made me stop playing Modern Warfare 2 online for over a week. I totally enjoy this game.

#190 Posted by souperM (10 posts) -

So far 94 hours, on my first playthrough with no DLC started yet. It took 1 year to play the first 50 hours and 4 days for the next 50. Going to have to stop playing it for a while, it's far too addictive. It's a pretty complete playthrough though, going to get all the achievement points and max out the character as far as possible, ie all the books and bobbleheads.
So good, i bought it twice, and if i ever get hold of the collectors edition then it'll be three times


#191 Posted by Coombs (3507 posts) -

I put about 35 hours into it

#192 Posted by Clinkz (1116 posts) -

Enough to get all the achievements then returned it to Blockbuster. No DLC though, didn't care for the game as much as Oblivion which I own.

#193 Posted by Gav47 (1583 posts) -

Around 90 hours. 10 - 15 hrs on a game before the trophy patch, 60 hrs on another playthrough and another 20 hrs to finish other missions

#194 Posted by super_machine (1968 posts) -

I'm about 5 hours in. I just got GOTY on PS3 and so far I just havent warmed up to the game. There have been a bunch of glitches and freezes, and after my Far Cry 2 experience I am very leery of the game's stability. I also just went straight from playing Oblivion into FO3, and like I said I just havent warmed up to it. I feel like I should try and take it back before my 7 day window closes and see if I can exchange it for Borderlands or Dragon age. Any thoughts?

#195 Posted by Dragon_Fire (375 posts) -

Acording to X-Fire I got 125 hours and havent even beat the game yet....(Why do i reformat some much?!) and it is probably do to all the mods I install.

#196 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2750 posts) -

Like 2 hours, and I'm ALREADY all sorts of fucked (minor spoilers below) 
So I got out of the vault, talked to this lady in this farm, excepted her quest (though I had no idea where I was going) and continued exploring. I found a school, it was really beat up but for some reason I was hoping they had Stinpacks (or whatever you call them) there. So I went in, started walking around, and all the sudden, I hear voices. These crazy Raider motherfuckers were going to kill me! They had clubs and proceeded to beat the shit out of me. I died and spawned near this shed across the street from the school, knowing the dangers of the school, I decided to never go back. So I went a different way, and I stopped for a moment to get a drink of water (in RL, mind you) and all of the sudden I see this lady fighting off this mole rat, she yells to me "I'm gonna need some help with this one" (I forgot to mention, through my first hour and a half of play I didn't even know how to equip weapons), so I killed the mole rat for her. You know what the bitch does afterwards? Kill me.  
So again I respawn in the same place as last time, and I decide to keep a faster pace (oh, and did I mention my vision was blurry?). I go the northeast, all of the sudden, "HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT THING" I yell, it's this weird metallic thing with one eyeball. It starts chasing me, fast, as I've realized most enemy characters do in Fallout 3, and again I die. I respawn all the way back across the street from that god-forsaken school.  This time, I'm frustrated, so I rush over to where I was before that thing killed me and then some, all the way over to what looks like a mall. So I walk right next to the mall, all the sudden I hear "hey you!" This guy wants to kill me for my bounty, right? So again I die, this time I rush over to the mall and make sure I take an alternate route, dudes were shooting me up bad but I finally made it inside the mall and you know what I find out? The fucking place is empty, also, Raiders chase me down and kill me (I was scared shitless because that place was dark, my health was extremely low, and this Raider ran fast and had this awful war cry). So I spawn inside the mall, knowing better, I leave and head down north some more, and I finally reach this nearly empty wharf, and I talk to this old lady who doesn't have anything I want for sale, and I talk to this little boy, who gives me another quest, I still have no idea at all where I am supposed to go but I accept the quest anyways. All the sudden out of nowhere I die and respawn back inside that hellhole of a mall. Pissed off, I kill every living person outside the mall with my pistol I just figured out how to use (don't look at me like that, they were shooting at me like crazy). At this point I only have about 1 bar of health, and I head back down to the wharf and talk to that old lady, but this time, I don't talk to a kid afterwards, the kid apparently isn't coming back. So I walk northeast a bit more and find a metro, I don't know why but I went inside, and right after I make it down a set of stairs I die for no reason. I respawn at the beginning of the metro,  and this time I figure it isn't worth it and leave. So I head northeast some more and kill some raiders by this bridge, I then start north and find this town. I find a tiny sanctuary and sleep there. I then head in to this building where I proceed to talk to a whore who lives in this place with a guy named Drebin, not liking the sound of this fellow, I shoot him in the head 5 times. I get the lady to follow me but then a horde of those metallic looking one eyeballed things gang up on me in a group of 4 and I die. 
That's it for now.

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@Emandudeguyperson:  Was it fun?

#198 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2750 posts) -
@nanikore: Fuck yeah hahahaha
#199 Posted by kingkorn69 (340 posts) -

56 hours

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