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    I was hoping for some opinions on this.  So as it stands I am one story mission away from beating Fallout 3 but I have many side quest that I still need to do to get all of the achievements however I have hit my level cap.   I know when the DLC comes (that has now been pushed back) the level cap will increase so I am thinking that there might be a new achievement for reaching level cap 30.  Also it will have free roam added in instead of the game just ending.  I figure I could do the following

1- Beat the final story mission and then start over with a neutral or bad character and finish the side missions that way.

2- Wait till the new DLC hits in April and then continue from there.

3- Continue on with all missions and not worry about not getting exp points anymore.

Also I do have previous saves around level 13 and 19 (already have the level 7 neutral and bad achievements) so I can get the neutral and bad achievements that way.  Also I have the 360 version.

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Personally i would go with the first option. If your going for all of the achievements your still going to replay the game anyway :)
And of course, it´s more fun to be bad :) 

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Id wait

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Wait for the new DLC and purchase Fallout 1&2.

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I was an idiot with the achievments and forgot to keep any saves to get neutral/bad at the different levels... luckily I saved on at level 19.  Im in the same boat as you. I was at the last mission, ready to go with about 5 side quests remaining at level 20.  I did my sidequests and then beat the game.  My goal now is to play all three DLC's back to back in april so I get a little Fallout 3.5 experience.  While I wait, I am playing Fable 2 as well as Orange box which I never played and I bought burnout paradise yesterday... I got plenty to do.

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I would wait if I were you. That way, you can catch up on any other games you have yet to do, right? That strategy is what I am doing as well, because I have yet to beat the game myself.

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I would wait also, just find some games like Orange Box which is great!

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I would wait. That's what I am doing and I am kind of in the same boat as you. I have thought about starting over again but on a game that I have put 60+ hours into, its just not something I really want to do. Also the whole experience wouldn't be the same because I would have already explored, and so much of the fun was exploring new areas I have never been before. So I would try to be replicating my experience again and it wouldn't replicate well. So I think playing this game over again is a bad decision. But that's alright, because this game has so many hours in its first play through, there's no need to want to play through it again.

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