Point Lookout or Broken Steel?

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So from most things I have read these two are the best of the FO3 DLC. If you could just list maybe the pros and cons of each and your opinion I would be very thankful =)
As far as I know:
Broken steel                            Point Lookout
Increased level cap               Open ended
EDIT: Also the other one that interested me was The Pitt what do you all think of that one? Of course this would be second or third to Broken steel or point lookout

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If you can only get one, Broken Steel is probably a better deal. The level cap really changes a lot about the game, and the actual content of it is good too. If you are going to play a lot of Fallout 3, its probably the better choice. However, if you want a quick fix, Point Lookout is the best content in the entire game. By itself it's great but it doesn't last too long and once its done, its done.
Edit: The Best Choice, Kill a man for 10 dollars, buy both! lol

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Hard to say, both are amazing.

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If you don't care about the level cap, Point Look is has some really cool, trippy set pieces and story arcs, but Broken Steel is pretty essential if you're hardcore into the game. I whole heartedly suggest all the DLC, with Operation Anchorage being the least important to play.

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@Sackmanjones:  -Broken Steel is not as atmospheric as Point Lookout. 
-Point Lookout won't be as fun without the increased level cap.
-There are some cool quests in Point Lookout. 
-With level increases comes new perks. The perks aren't totally great, but they're there.
Overall, I'd say if you are not lvl 20, you should definitely get Point Lookout. If leveling is important to you, get Broken Steel and then Point Lookout later. Point Lookout is better overall IMO.
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@Inf225:  Would you change your answer if I said I'm near the end of the game? With like the level cap stuff?
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@huntad:  Very helpful! Im nearly level 20 but leveling isn't my priority. Thanks!
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Get both the only DLC that's weak is Mothership Zeda

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I ran into a glitch in Broken Steel that basically makes it unfinishable. Other than that, which I'm pretty sure is a rare thing, I had a really fun time with the level cap.

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@Sackmanjones: Hmm, well if you don't care about leveling, just get PL, content only it's a much better experience, and unlike anything else in the game, where BS is more of the same.
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@Sackmanjones said:
" @huntad:  Very helpful! Im nearly level 20 but leveling isn't my priority. Thanks! "
Fair enough, but I can tell you,  hitting level 20 and then watching all that XP go to waste is heart breaking. I probably ate three or four levels above 20 playing the first few DLCs before Broken Steel came out.
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@YoctoYotta:  I see. Well do you think its necessary to get to higher levels to beat PL. I heard that is the most difficult section in the game.
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@YoctoYotta:  I agree that getting no XP for the DLC would be kind of a bummer. But I think it'd be alright since I hit level cap and then did some more vanilla content, a DLC and then went through the last two DLCs completely level capped. It didn't take too much to hit lvl cap after Broken steel and vanilla content. :) Then I had to play Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta capped anyways.
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@pabsi9 said:
" Get both the only DLC that's weak is Mothership Zeda "
I liked Mothership Zeta for its items and weapons, though. There's some really cool stuff you can find on that ship. 
To answer the question, Broken Steel. Point Lookout is fun, but you'll certainly get more out of F3 if you get Broken Steel.
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@Sackmanjones:@Sackmanjones said:

" @YoctoYotta:  I see. Well do you think its necessary to get to higher levels to beat PL. I heard that is the most difficult section in the game. "

I couldn't say for sure, but I think that level 20 would be sufficient to play through PL, I certainly hadn't gained more than four or five levels playing through Broken Steel before starting PL. This doesn't relate to PL specifically, but I just found this on the Gamespot board via Google:

User  ddeedob2

When you first visit an "area", the ennemies will have roughly the same level as you do. when this occurs, those ennemies will be "set" at this level, meaning that if you go in that area "again", they will STAY at that level. Meaning an hybrid of Oblivion's system and traditional "fixed-level" style.

Now, there are some "areas" in the game where the ennemies will have a fixed level.

Now for my opinion, knowing past Bethesda's RPGs,
This probably means that "random" opponents you'll find on the road and other such stuff will level with you (until you have stumbled upon them, where they will stay at the level you found them for the rest of the game).
The rest, such as the opponents found in dungeons (caves, towers, towns, etc) that are related to specific quests might be set from the beginning of the game to a set level. With some of them, you'll have to get tougher to beat them.

For example, i doubt you can complete a super-mutant related quest at level 1. Or it will be very tough.
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Point Lookout is probably the most frustrating of the DLCs (and the most fun in my opinion) because of everything if offers into the game. I wasn't a fan at all of Broken Steel, I thought it was incredible short and just felt more tacked on then anything. However Point Lookout as you get closer to level 30 the enemies you fight become drastically stronger. Because they start dealing more damage to you and taking less, upwards of 30-40% I believe.

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