What Fallout 3 DLC should I buy first?

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#1 Posted by N3onThr33 (416 posts) -

I just bought Fallout 3, and I was wondering which DLC should I buy first. What are your thoughts?

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#2 Posted by Demyx (3241 posts) -

Definitely get Broken Steel as it expands the storyline and raises the cap. Also Point Lookout isn't bad but a bit tough until later levels. I haven't played the others.

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#3 Posted by bard237 (5 posts) -

People still playing this game ehhh
Anyway it's best to but broken steel first because it will boost the level cap up to 30 and will add more missions to the storyline

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#4 Posted by Binbay55 (153 posts) -

Start with Broken Steel then go for Point Lookout. BS raise the lvl cap and continues the story. While PL gives you tough enemies and some sweet weapons (Double-Barrel shotgun).
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#5 Posted by Daveyo520 (7722 posts) -

Broken Steal most likely. It gets rid of the ending and ups the lvl cap. Then get point look out.

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#6 Posted by Dantekiller (231 posts) -

dude if its on xbox 360 they came out with a disk with all the DLC but if its for pc broken steal my good sir

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#7 Posted by Roldan (36 posts) -

well it depends on what you're after. Operation Anchorage and Mothership Zeta aren't very good DLC's except it gives out really great loot. especially Operation Anchorage with the best sniper, a sneak suit and a new power armor. Pitt and Point lookout has some really great story and new places to discover. Then there's Broken Steel which gives you new a new level cap (30) and further developing the story. Really you should just buy the GOTY edition. You could probabaly find it pretty cheap.

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#8 Posted by fugie7 (1132 posts) -

you should get point lookout first.

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