demontium's Mothership Zeta (Xbox 360) review

It all depends on what you like...

This is a very different DLC. It was fun, but with some backdrops. It starts off with you getting sucked up from space, and there your adventure begins. I think the biggest problems with it is that it is very short and the exploration is set to a minimum. Also, all the alien weapons are inferior to the alien blaster that you can get in the wasteland. However, there story and lay of the limited land are very polished. There are only a handful of new enemies you will see; including a couple variations on aliens and some robots. As many complaints as I do have, I have some good things to say. The characters you will meet a long the way are colorful and interesting, except for an annoying little girl that you WILL come to hate. The 1950's style of aliens works well for Fallout. The combat is plentiful and the weapons are cool (despite them all being energy except for one melee). Also, in case you run out of ammo or want to explore any place you somehow missed in a linear level, you can return. I cannot recommend this game because it is really short. Also it sells for $9.99 (800 MS points) which is the same price as all the other dc which offers much more substance than Mothership Zeta. If you have 800 to spare and really need more fallout 3, then go right ahead. I would say save your money for something better (like Marvel vs Capcom 2 :D ).


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    Youknow, the one time i buy DLC before i read a review happens to be Mothership Zeta... going on the fact that the other Fallout 3's fed my fallout 3 addiction (Its like crack to me) so bam! 800 points. download. anticipation. BAM, epic fail.  First off, No stimpacks in the expansion, so your fucked if you dont have them before you go in, be prepared to die, alot. Second, its just a linear path based shooter, for me, fallout 3 was a brilliant open world exploring kinda thing, this is just corrid...

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    Fun but ultimately disappointing 0

    Being the supposed final Fallout 3 DLC, Mothership Zeta obviously came with high expectations. Unfortunately for many, those lofty expectations probably won't be completely fulfilled. However, this is still a fun addon that will add several hours of gameplay as well as some nice alien loot for the player to enjoy.  Mothership Zeta takes place entirely aboard an alien spaceship, and like the previous DLCs is relatively combat focused with your PC having to mow down hoards of angry aliens. Fortuna...

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