outofbounds9000's Fallout 3 (Xbox 360) review

Epic sandbox expierence!


This game had almost no problems,it was epic,you could edit the character well,and there was alot of cool haircuts and stuff.The game starts at birth,and it is in Vault 101in beginning,Vaults are build in the late future,around the 2030's.After your friend Jonas and your dad escapes from VAULT 101,you escape yourself,to follow in his footsteps.You go to the town of Megaton,meet various people like Lucas Simms,which is many parodys off on youtube and maybe MySpace.You ask Colin Moriarty and many people for help to find your dad,which leads you to radio station galaxy news radio.After you go to Rivet City for other clues.Then you talk to a asian doctor,go to a new vault,which gets you back in the future.The gameplay was epic,everything was epic,Theres also something called Power Armor,which is also on the front of the game package. 
Style & Enjoyment:10/10 
Final Score:8.9


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