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fallout 3 is a total waste of time

absolutely nothing. i have never played a game with so many graphical glitches, audio lags, gameplay bugs, slowdowns as much as this game. and you have to pay an extra £40.00 to play the rest of it. no factions it would be great if you could join the enclave if you were an evil character and do about 20 missions for them, really get immersed but none of that in this game. there is only about 25 side quests and the main campaign is about 8 hours long. and the vats system freezez for a few seconds when you hit the button. the manual aiming controls are groogy and frustrating. its covered with bugs this game. and once you done with the few side quests with the game and the 8 hour campaign there is nothing to do except for shoot things and travel and explore, and there is not at all an compelling element to exploring cause the level the wasteland is so dull looking and tedious. and everything just seems so empty and put on. and you need another similar item to repair the one you have, for example the alien blaster once its gone its gone. you can use cheat codes to receive another one but thats not the point. some of the musical scores in this game are suspiciously like oblivion and some of the voice actors as well for that matter. like in oblivion you could join the D.B.H if your evil or some other guild if you good. and the last mission sucks as well worse ending in a game ever. some of the creatures in the game are far fetched like the deathclaw, super mutant, giant radscorpion just pure silliness. and when you done with the petite amount of quests for the game you have nothing left to do. so you level up your character for ages and for nothing in the end. when you jump of a cliff of some sort you only hear the feet thudding on the ground audio sample a few seconds later after you land. and in 3rd personsometimes half your body goes through a wall. or sometimes you get stuck between some rocks and you cant get out so you will have to reload your last save. and most of the musical sound track is so lame. i could go on...    

Posted by CandiBunni

Terrible review. There are a lot more than 25 side quests. Most of your complaints are just whinny nit picks. Having to use the same kind of weapon to repair one you want isn't a problem. It's a post-apocalyptic world, what do you expect it to look like? Green and bright? Some of the enemies are silly? Have you played past Fallout games? This was made by the people who made Oblivion. Learn how to construct a proper review.  This is an absolutely terrible "review". It's really nothing more than a list of ridiculous, whinny complaints. None of your other  "reviews" are much better either. 

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