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Broken Steel

Ah Fallout 3, I've beaten you four times and you keep having me come back for more. The world that Bethesda has made is something that is truly great about Fallout 3 and is what helps it stand out among all other RPG/shooters. The ending is where the game truly shines, I won't spoil it for those who haven't finished it yet but it makes you feel like you did something good for the world, granted you did the good option which I did all four times. Broken Steel is a add on that is meant to extend the main story line so you can continue to explore and play onward that the original ending stopped you from doing. While Broken Steel is a cool concept the relentless combat, poor story and overall performance really drags it down.

Liberty Prime
Broken Steel takes place from your last save point which is most likely at the end of the game. Your goal is to end the Enclave for good and you're the only one who can do it. Almost immediately you are thrown into combat to go fight the Enclave, after a botched attack they send you in to end the Enclave fight. Sounds cool right? Yes it does sound cool as a basic concept. It comes across too cheesy for my liking. This add on is very, very action based. It puts you into a great deal of fire fights that don't work too great at all. Often they throw a great deal of tough enemies at you, many of them new. This is the first thing I didn't like about this game, Fallout 3 was at it's best when they threw a small amount of tough or okay enemies at you. Broken Steel decides to throw  a whole lot of strong enemies at you, give them kick ass gear that you don't have, and put you in a small place to fight in. Fallout 3's shooting is not good enough to make it shooting heavy, it's better with small amount of fighting and then move on. 
Technical issues are everywhere in this game, most of it is due to frame rate issues, but I came across many times when
my hits weren't registering at all which results in wasted time and bullets. And when you're trying to make a game where there's going to be a lot of stuff on the screen a bad frame rate can kill the whole experience. Thankfully it doesn't happen all too much. 
The game's not terrible, it just has too many issues as I listen above. The game does have some cool things going for it though. Some of the new weapons and armor are
 Blat, blat, blat.
pretty awesome, you get a gun that shots fireballs, fireballs! All the new locations are nice too but you never really feel you're out of the Wastes which is a shame. Now onto the bitter sweet addition. The new enemies. Oh god these are hard, they added some new Super Mutants which is just under a Behemoth. Some Feral Ghoul Reavers which are about 89 times stronger then the other Ghouls, they shoot goo crap at you and have amazing aim. Also there are new Radscorpions, and I hate those and the new additions are much harder. The addition of new enemies and of course the level cap and new perks are the high points of this add on.
I was greatly disappointed with Broken Steel, it seemed like it wanted to make everyone happy. But it skipped on what I loved about the game, less action more attention on world Bethesda has created.
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Posted by ItBeStefYo

I agree but I would have given it 3 Stars.

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