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Operation Anchorage

 This is probably the best looking add on by far.
Operation Anchorage is sort of a guilty pleasure for me. I heard it was bad and it has some bad moments in it, but damn I enjoyed every minute of it. Operation Anchorage is a very combat heavy add on, not so much as Broken Steel was. What is different between the two is Anchorage just does it better. It goes back to a few enemies at a time, you pop them off then move on it's a proven concept. And it's that basic gameplay that make this game work so well for me.
Operation Anchorage is a Outcast mission. They need help getting into a room
full of gear and since you have a pip boy on you you're a perfect match for it. In order to open the room you have to do a simulation, a simulation on the Chinese invasion of Alaska. You lose all of your previous gear, but keep like perks and miscellaneous stuff. After that you it takes you to a fake Alaska, and immediately that's when I feel in love with the game. It's so different from the rest of Fallout 3, it's bright and beautiful. Something I fully embraced. 
You can either choice to in guns blazing or as more of a stealth guy/girl. Either way no matter what you do you can't keep any guys or ammo you find. There are set places where you can heal and get ammo, and this is a pretty cool idea. When you kill a body the evaporate into a blue substance. What follows next is a series of shoot outs, repetitive missions and iffy frame rate so that's the reason I had to give it 4 stars.
You eventually get to control your own units, and this is a huge help when you later get into some intense fire fights. The controlling your own units isn't what it really says. You just say "move to that one place" and they will. It's not like "troops move out" , "hold fire" type of deal. But it works well and you can get reinforcements fast. 
Operation Anchorage is short, I beat it in about three or so hours, but if offers some finely done shooting and a beautiful world that you never got to see the in Capital Wastes. Operation Anchorage is 100% Anti Communist.

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