aerozeppelin27's Mothership Zeta (Xbox 360) review

Almost* Game Killing Experience

Youknow, the one time i buy DLC before i read a review happens to be Mothership Zeta... going on the fact that the other Fallout 3's fed my fallout 3 addiction (Its like crack to me) so bam! 800 points. download. anticipation. BAM, epic fail.
First off, No stimpacks in the expansion, so your fucked if you dont have them before you go in, be prepared to die, alot.
Second, its just a linear path based shooter, for me, fallout 3 was a brilliant open world exploring kinda thing, this is just corridor, after corridor, overpowered alien, die, reload, bum your way through.
This almost killed the experience for me, i had to struggle through it again the other day to get my S-rank (Stupid fucking Alien Captive Recordings)
Oh, and, as value for money, you cant access the inner parts of the ship once you have, so, if you actually enjoyed the dlc (in other words, your brain consists of mud and a small child named Squeeky) you cant go back through to explore anyway.

 Basically, the experience you get from this DLC is like deepthroating the Washington monument, Vault Boy says no.

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