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A History Of Slavery, post-apocalypse style.

Very much broken for a loooooooong ass time post-launch, The Pitt sees your very own Lone Wanderer wandering to Pittsburgh's remains, into a world of slavery and steel mills. But first, you have to get tricked into becoming a slave yourself, before a long ride down a railway, joining the other slaves, losing all your gear, Trog-slyaing - and even pit fighting. At the end of all, you must make a very hard moral choice...

This one's better - if it works. Graphical errors, even after all the patches, STILL pop up every so often, turning complex 3D models into a set of lines with an exclamation mark in the middle. Not good. The actual quest line's pretty short, to be honest; find the Pitt slave, agree to help, disguise yourself as a slave, begin main quest. From there, you'll not be doing much either; the longest part of the DLC will be spent trying to get the "Mill Worker" achievement. There's 3 main missions, a "trade x for y" contiuous quest, and a short sidequest investigating the death of someone. Still, atmospherics are cranked high, the locations are superb, and there's a proper story. Pit fighting is also satisfying, if a little too easy at high levels. Schwag and perk-wise, it's not so great; all 3 perks do little and are automatically acquired, and the new gear's quite minimal (literally, if you have a female character).

Achievement-wise, there's 3 main quest completions one and an actually hard-to-get 100 ingots one, which is kind of the norm for these but quite disappointing.    

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