flufflogic's Mothership Zeta (Xbox 360) review

Disappointing end to a great series of DLC

Mothership Zeta abducts the player to the titular spaceship, chock full of hostile aliens and their robotic servants. For the next 3-10 hours (depending on how many times you have to reload to have not messed up the fetch quest achievement) you'll be running around both inside and outside, stopping the invasion of Earth by outside forces. Oh, and stealing all their cool tech. And meeting a samurai!

They say "save the best for last". Nobody told Bethesda it seems. This is pretty much as awful as many complained Operation Anchorage was, but adds something even more annoying: a fetch quest achievement that relies on you not missing anything along the way. Yep, you guessed it, parts cannot be returned to, and these parts contain precious audio logs. Everything looks samey, you'll never really switch guns after getting the alien rifle, the loot's nothing special, and the missions are pretty dull. Not much fun at all.

Achievement-wise, it's the usual 3 quest ones and a final, "bugger this for a lark" fetch quest.    


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    This is a very different DLC. It was fun, but with some backdrops. It starts off with you getting sucked up from space, and there your adventure begins. I think the biggest problems with it is that it is very short and the exploration is set to a minimum. Also, all the alien weapons are inferior to the alien blaster that you can get in the wasteland. However, there story and lay of the limited land are very polished. There are only a handful of new enemies you will see; including a couple variat...

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