supakoopatroopa's Fallout 3 (PlayStation 3) review

Not quite Oblivion with guns. Action packed, but too short.

I was so excited to play this game, and when I get excited about a game, I play it for hours on end. I know its time to take a break when I start shaking and feel like I need to throw up, usually after 14 hours.

It's got a cool story bro and lots of side-quests. I can't remember fighting very many bosses, but the diversity in the quests makes up for that. I'd say its way more involved than Oblivion, the people seem more real. The karma thing is a neat feature, but its hard to resisting zapping those guys begging for water or launching a teddy bear into the back of some dude's head.

The graphics and physics are awesome, watching people's faces explode in slow motion, turning some dbag into a pile of goo. However, the PS3 suffers from a small white outline around objects in the distance and the gradient colors in the sky do not transition smoothly. Again, the PS3 got shafted.

There's just one problem with this game for me, and maybe it's because I played the main story for too many hours at a time, it was just too short. I finished it after the second day of buying it. I seriously thought I was at the mid point of the game during the ending. I thought I'd continue the story, cleaning up the world after I had conquered it. I don't know, maybe they reserved that for Fallout 4 Sunshine.

Overall it's pretty balanced, no real complaints other than the main story is quick to beat.


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