jaycrockett's Fallout 3 (Xbox 360) review

Tops Oblivion in every way but one.

This game is a phenomenal achievement. Oblivion is my all time favorite RPG, and Fallout is as good or better in almost every way. The graphics are better. The sound is fantastic. I absolutely love the radio stations, both the songs and the DJ's. The voice acting is generally excellent. The VATS combat system is extremely entertaining. Probably a necessary addition to handle guns in Oblivion's engine. The main story is more compelling and personal than Oblivion's. And there are many meaningful moral choices to make.

The only thing that keeps Fallout 3 from surpassing Oblivion is the setting. Not that it doesn't execute on it's post-apocalyptic theme; to the contrary. But it's so well done it's, well depressing. I just don't want to live in this world. All the dark humor fell flat to me because I genuinely felt bad for these people. This doesn't prevent it from being a great game, it is. It's just the difference between a 50 hour game and a 300 hour one. (Yes, I played Oblivion 300 hours.)

The only other quibbles were the oft mentioned inability to play after the main quest, and the fact that my dog ran away right after I got him. (I just told him to get some food and he never came back.)

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Wow, 300 hours in Oblivion?  What exactly did you do that kept you engaged for that long?  I really enjoyed Oblivion (and this game as well) a LOT but I don't think I could ever even approach that number.  I am surprised you don't have an Oblivion review with that much time invested.

Anyway solid review that is nice and concise.  Although I couldn't disagree more about the radio stations XD personal taste though :)

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In Oblivion I did the main quest, all four guild quest lines, and all the big DLC. I played two characters, and the second character was designed to never level, so I actually completed the fighters and thieves guild lines at 2nd and 3rd levels. It actually made things easier for the most part. Except that last thieves quest, it's not easy to break into the imperial tower at 2nd level.

Also I play games like this extremely slowly. I read every book, look at every object, try to arrange my loot neatly, etc.

In general I find I can add 25-50% to the time estimates given for game completion. Which is fine, more fun time for me! Unless it's a bad game...

As for an Oblivion review, I guess I could go give it a 5. I don't think I could sum up in words how much I like it. I bought my 360 because of it.

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