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The best things in life are worth waiting for. Fallout fans have been waiting for almost 10 years for a true sequel to Fallout 2, considered by many to be one of the best non-fantasy singleplayer RPG's ever made. Now courtesy of Bethesda, makers of Oblivion Fallout 3 has arrived. Was it worth the wait?

Most of the readers of this haven't a clue what Fallout is so I'll explain. The idea of the Fallout universe is that after WW2, technology's advancement increase past ours. Fission power becomes part of everyday life along with robots and energy weapons. However, a nuclear war occurs in 2077 and the world is devastated. Your character comes from a Vault, one of many massive underground bunkers designed for protection from an atomic war.

After picking appearance and stats through one of the best starts i remember (and featuring a tutorial that makes sense in the context, being your a baby and u need to learn to walk, jump and open gates), you eventually wake up to find your dad has left the vault, and your being hunted by the vaults overseer and his security.

You then escape. And that when the real adventure starts.

It is effectually Oblivion with guns. But some other key ideas have been changed, mainly to suit the Fallout universe. Perks are character quirks added every level. You can pause time to quickly target body parts using V.A.T.S. making a simple skirmish cinematic due to the crazy camera angles and slow motion headshots. There are less NPCs so more individuality with voices repeated very rarely. The number of quests is also lessened, but each one now has a better story and more stages. A karma system means your actions change gown people think of you, while also changing the way your exploits are reported on G.N.R. (the main radio station in the game).

Fallout 3 is an 18, and boy does it deserve it. With the over the top gore Fallout is renowned for meaning exploding bodies for everyone and more adult themes like slavery, addiction, prostitution and cannibalism, Fallout 3 is a very adult game, more adult than even Bioshock. This means stories have more of a kick and have the ability to paint a grim picture of what happens when humanity goes down the toilet without having to compromise.

Fallout 3 includes Games For Windows Live, meaning achievements for everyone. Cleverly, the system is set up so people who own both a PC and 360 can't get 2 separate sets of achievements as the entries are named the same. After a recent update, the service has become a lot more PC friendly with less prompts for Xbox 360 buttons

I have had quite a few problems with Fallout 3 either crashing or just hanging. Many others are sharing these problems so i recommend you save often and be prepared to load the game repeatedly

I adore Fallout 3. I wasn't really a fan of Oblivion picture perfect fantasy world vibrant with clones. Fallout's horror filled wasteland has less features like ruins but more character. As Ross Atherton reviewing for PC Gamer UK said, the best parts of Fallout is when your staggering around searching desperately for stimpaks or a toilet to claw back a fraction of your health which can get you to a doctor. Or when you get hooked on morphine and end up murdering to get enough caps to clean your system of the crap. Or even when you get 3 headshots in V.A.T.S. and laugh as three bloodied head shatter throwing brain and eyeballs everywhere

Welcome to the Wasteland; Fallout 3 for PC receives 96%

EDIT: After checking xbox live, you can get separate points for the 360 copy and the PC edition. Thats what happens when you post reviews at 1am
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